5 thoughts on “Globe Gormandizer & Other Artwork by Bob McNeil

  1. Mr. Bob McNeil’s drawings never seem to disappoint. Igor and the Zombie are my personal favorites here. I just simply love them! Please never stop drawing, Bob.

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  2. I love the artwork! I saw your post about how you like to make horror drawings, and I’m totally into it. I think these drawings on ponder savant are fantastic! I love the title Globe Gormandizer, and of the two gormandizers I like the goat monster most, though vampire seems equally appropriate. Gormandizer seems to be the correct term for those with so much wealth, that they feel they are free to choose the process of life as a rare consumable product. It’s like the super wealthy and powerful, when bored with standard oppression, are like how can we make this interesting? How can we further demonstrate our diminished capacity for shame and remorse? It’s chilling to think of my life or your life as a heady afternoon snack.

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  3. What an amazing artist you are Mr. McNeil. That Trump one really hits it for me!! No doubt. Excellent work sir!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

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  4. Bob McNeil’s illustrations show both real and imagined horrors in the world. ‘The Terror Called Trump’ is an excellent, satirical comment and the anthropomorphic creature in ‘A Globe Gormandizer’ shows the way our world in under attack. These are wonderful, thought provoking drawings.

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