My Body by Tali Cohen Shabtai

Adorably Horror Series – Tali Cohen Shabtai

My Body

Depersonalization/Tali Cohen Shabtai

The neck is stuck
I‘m trying to remove it
From its place.
Claustrophobic organs

Where am I more present
In the face or
In the lower part of the body?

Oh, God?

Part 2:
I am new\Tali Cohen Shabtai

They don’t know
Where I came from
I must connect the- leg
With the waist
And the pelvis to the spine

That’s the way when items
Are separated from bodies
And an artificial
Lens is implanted
In the – eye.

Who said it’s possible to move
Away from their

Who said?


I read prose only in the third person,

And only translated prose,

Poetry, I also read in Hebrew.

I have been writing since the age of six.

Mainstreamism repels me.

Bestsellers I do not touch.

I love nonfiction books.

Newspapers do not count at all as the writing and reading genre.

I love homeless people, authentic views of life and art.

I have hallmarks I keep — my thick eyebrows, and the gap between my teeth. I have managed to live in several countries in my life.

And I will dedicate my forthcoming book to my six-year-old niece.

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