Wedding Dreams – Poetry by P.J. Reed

Adorably Horror Series – P.J. Reed

Wedding Dreams
P.J. Reed

She sat in soft candlelight
shooting stars flew through the night.
Soft moonlight touched her auburn hair
caressed her frowning face so fair,
rosebud lips murmured his name,
watching through the windowpane,
as candle wax, dripped slowly down
upon her white wedding gown.

A red sun rose behind the hill,
the dying candle flame grow still,
and summer flowers petals flew,
swept away with skies of blue,
as the leaves browned with shame
and the mists of winter came.
Ice jewels hung from every tree,
green fields changed to frozen sea.

Grey clouds raced across the sky,
while she began to melt and cry.
Slow tear trails crossed her face
crystal drops on ancient lace.
Ghostly fingers held dried petals
as softly a fine dust settles.
She stands clutching her bouquet,
still waiting for her wedding day.


P.J. Reed
Writer of Warlocks. Destroyer of Worlds.

She is an award winning multi-genre author with books ranging from high fantasy, horror, to haiku. She writes the Richard Radcliffe Paranormal Investigations series and the Bad Decisions series. Reed is also the editor and chief paranormal investigator for the Exmoor Noir newsletter.

Reed lives in Devon, England with her two daughters, two rescue dogs, and one feral cat called Sammy.
For more information about Reed visit one of her websites below but choose wisely!
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