Diva Daughter – Acrylic Painting by Rifa Tasfia

The Heroines Among Us

Rifa Tasfia expresses strength in the overcome struggles of women in her painting, Diva Daughter! Read her description to understand the depth of the beautiful image she created!

Artwork description: “Diva Daughter” represents inspiration itself. For me personally inspiration those heroines who we look at differently. The Fat girl who is fat shamed mostly all her life is a heroine. The rape survivors in my country who shamed are the heroines. The girl who almost killed herself and now is on a greater path is a heroine herself. The mothers who sacrifice thier dreams and career and what not are the heroins. The feminist who is always shamed for being one teaches her sons to be respectful towards girls are the heroins. The girl with darker skin toned abused all her life for the way she looks is a heroine. The artists who are accused for ruining thier life choosing art as passion are also the heroines. Heroines comes from all forms of human, and we should respect all for thier differences.


Rifa Tasfia


Instagram – @tazflea

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