Blue Flame – Poem by Michael Biegner

The Heroines Among Us

Don’t miss today’s poem by Mchael Biegner! A bittersweet tribute to those lost who held such great meaning.

Blue Flame
(For Frances)

There goes the muscular flame,
the one that carries heat & light.
There goes a claim to this life.

There goes gravity that once
fixed objects to this earth, but
nothing seems permanent.

There goes blood & DNA
& the bruised secrets of loneli
ness, of Coumadin-induced ghosts

standing in white hospital rooms,
speaking of cousins long deceased,
talking in spectral whispers. There

too go the dusky eyes, the easy smile,
what remains of my father’s voice.
There then goes what we imagine about his

hands. There goes the blue flame that
releases the warmth of hands rolling
meatballs & patting pasta,

as each noodle, sticks to the side of the
colander one by one, until nothing remains,
everything falling into the dish that fed me.


Michael Biegner has had poems published in Blooms, Poetry Storehouse, Silver Birch Press, Silkworm, WordPeace, and the Poets To Come Anthology, in honor of Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday .  His prose poem (“When Walt Whitman Was A Little Girl”) was made into a video short by North Carolina  filmmaker Jim Haverkamp, where it has competed at various film festivals around the world and is available for viewing on Vimeo. Michael was a finalist in the 2017 Northampton Arts Council Biennial Call To Artists.


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