Anne with an ‘E’ – Poem by Amanda Ellis

The Heroines Among Us

Amanda Ellis celebrates, a fictional character that has touched the hearts of many, including my own: Anne Shirley, from the book Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery! Oh, the wondrous understanding the tale embraces of the fire and tenacity inside a girls heart as she finds her place in the world. Come read Amanda Ellis’ delightful take on this timeless classic!

Anne with an ‘E’

She knew who she was
In an era where women were not equal.
Dreamer. Poet. Orphan.
A mistaken delivery, not the gender ordered
No return to sender

Small town girl with big city dreams
Ginger dramatist, the Lady of Shalott
Friend and foe in one
Bosom friends and kindred spirits lead to inebriation,
Failing forward before it was a ‘thing’

At Green Gables, I was home.
Now, I know who I am.


Amanda Ellis is a writer of settler and indigenous descent. She has recently attended Sage Hill Writers’ Workshop and is a member of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild. She does not live in Saskatchewan, but enjoys rural vistas of cabbages as she wrangles ideas and her side hustle as a Social Justice warrior.

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