The Green Stone & Other Poems by Meg Smith

It’s the Little Things

Serene poetry to fill your heart and mind by Meg Smith! A good read of treasuring little things!

The Green Stone

This, she gave to me
and said, “It’s a gift,This is for our survival.”
We’re meeting in a coffee shop,
her words the song of my ancestors.
We have both emerged from our tombs.
This stone, this close moon, opens a place
where we both breathe.

The Comet Pilgrimage

Your sleep is a fine place of ice, dust and light —
just as we declared before your sacrament.
Now, this walk is just for me —
on the same street, but a new night —
and the mark of the constellation
falls in the bright trail of an agent,
less than forever.

Fairy Pendant

Counting out flowers,
memory keeps its passage.
A chain, a novel, a voice
cries of fever, at night.
This and more, we keep,
as servants of time’s thief.
This, and more, we keep.


(Photo credit to Derek Savoia)

Meg Smith is a writer, journalist, Oriental dancer, and events producer, living in Lowell, Mass., U.S.A. Her publication credits include The Cafe Review, The Horror Zine, The Starlite Virtual Poetorium, and Atlantic Currents: Connecting Cork and Lowell.


Her most recent poetry books, Pretty Green Thorns,Night’s Island,This Scarlet Dancing and Dear Deepest Ghost are available on Amazon.

She welcomes visits to,

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