Bicycle Ride & The Four Minute Long Song – Poetry by Banqobile Virginia Dakamela

It’s the Little Things

Banqobile Virginia Dakamela defines so eloquently amazing surviving and thriving techniques in her poetry below! The world holds its chaos, but through the struggle we can learn something new and embrace our uniqueness within it.

Bicycle Ride
The word lockdown smelt of despair and uncertainty
The looming emptiness ahead held no excitement

The bicycles came just in time
But along came agony

Knees and elbows scrapped
Ribs bruised
Faces tear streaked
The first ride
Was the worst
Their fall was my ache
Their tears my heartbreak

They screamed,
” Mama come watch!
We can ride without falling.
Send us to the shops
Or wherever you want.
We can now fly as we cycle. “

Discovering riding styles is the new order!
As l watch the trail of dust
Two helmet clad heads disappearing
I can only smile and
Think of what new tricks are in store

The four minute long song
The four minute long song
Is a four decade old love song

In the lyrics we promised to love
In the harmony we exchanged sweet embraces
In the melody we kissed tenderly
In the keys we vowed to stick till death

But then promises we failed to keep
Embraces we turned into fights
Kisses to insults
Vows broken and dismantled

The four minute long song plays still
The lyrics, harmony, keys and melody are still sweet
In its rendition I find reason to smile
At the sweet memories of a love once inconquerable


Banqobile Virginia Dakamela is a Bulawayo born writer. She has authored Lolungileyo Liyamtshonela Ilanga which features in the short story anthology Vala Singafohleli Lesisilo edited by Barbara Makhalisa. Some of her writings have been featured in Ponder Savant, Piker Press, Hawai’i Review and Better Than Starbucks. 

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