Melodies to Ponder: Musical Mentions – Hell Froze Over by Coleman Row

My Dear Ponderbots!

Ponder Savant has a new page! I would like to introduce you to Melodies to Ponder: Musical Mentions!

This page is dedicated to giving honorable mentions to music and musicians who leave me captivated. I will periodically be adding new music to the list, introducing and inviting you to participate in the enjoyment!

The first to debut on this page is Coleman Row! Take a look below.

Mia Savant

This song really takes you by surprise. With a haunting beginning, the acoustic guitar slowly sets the groundwork, accompanied by an almost a grunge style melody, which builds into a fiddle duet. Impressive harmonies join to meet a chorus that you didn’t know you needed in your life. This unique mashup of folk and metal styles may seem strange, but it’s one that creates absolute magic.

Musicians: Coleman Row

Informed in equal parts by heartfelt folk ballads and anthemic hard rock, Scottish folk duo Coleman Row merges trad fiddle, rocky guitar riffs and soaring vocals. The result is an entrancing sound made intimate as it is all performed by just two musicians. Since their official formation in September of 2019, Coleman Row have been regularly appearing at Open Mics and busking across Glasgow. Most recently, the duo have been writing and releasing new music recorded during lockdown.

See More of Their Work:

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