Scribbles & Two Haikus – Poetry by Tonmoi Das Kashyap

It’s the Little Things

For your Sunday viewing pleasure, I present three little poems from Tonmoi Das Kashyap! They capture the feeling of life in this strange pandemic summer.

Tonmoi Das Kashyap

The concentric circles
Had nothing much to say
Just indicating the restlessness
Printed on the blank paper.
The wind blowing
with the sea waves
hitting the rocks at the shore.
The same wind making it’s way
Through the window
Blowing the curtains
Touching the concentric circles
But to no effect.

Tonmoi Das Kashyap

Summer evening
chorus of the crickets
a bee joins the party.

a masked selfie
for instagram.


Tonmoi Das Kashyap is an emerging poet and short story writer. His work has been published in 29 Anthology, Literary Garland, Pondersavant, The Daily Drunk, Trouvaille Review, Litehouse, Burgundy Balloon, Haikuniverse and several other national and international journals. He is planning to start writing his first novel soon. He lives in Assam, India with his parents and brother.


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