La Mariée – Artwork & Poetry by Lucia Daramus

It’s the Little Things

Lucia Daramus is an artist who wears many hats! Today we have the wonderful opportunity of viewing her mystical piece of artwork as well as poetry inspired by Marc Chagall.


La Mariée
by Lucia Daramus

Marc Chagall takes a bride
he bought a wife paying many , many flowers
the groom is flying above the houses
under the dense luminous blue sky

the bride has love wings
and she is picking the bouquet from the groom
through air with crystal splashes
and golden flakes of summer snow

Marc Chagall takes a bride
the wedding is performing in clouds
everything is flying…birds , people
horses and flying crickets

in the sky is wedding, marvellous wedding
the green , the blue, the yellow , the red
are flying, flying, flying through the mauve planets
through the daily stars of people’s minds

Marc Chagall takes a bride –


Lucia Daramus is a Writer, Editor, Free-lance Journalist, and Artist, based in Gloucestershire. Recentley she completed her  course in  Creative Writing at Oxford University. Her MA is in Linguistings, and BA in Ancient Greek and Latin.   

She read poetry in Cluj-Napoca, Bacau, Iasi, Bucuresti, Sibiu, Botosani (Romania), Chisinau (Republic Of Moldavia), Gloucester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Stroud, Stourpaine, London, etc. (United Kingdom).

Between 1993 and 2008 she lived in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and she won some important prizes for poetry and  Canadian International Poetry Prize ”Gasparik”. She also won an International Prize for Poetry, 2018, at The International Book Festival Dublin. 

Her literary workes were published in magazines in France, Canada, Romania, Germany, USA, England, Republic of Moldavia,  etc. 

She published 10 books in Romanian language and 3 books of poetry in English language.

She also was exhibited as an artist: 

Cluj – Napoca Romania (collective exhibition)

Gloucester – UK (collective exhibition)

Longfield – UK (Collective exhibition )

Cheltaham  – Uk  (collective exhibition )

Stroud – uk (own exhibition ) – ESCAPE FROM MADNESS, March 2018

Stroud – UK (own exhibition) – The Colours of Our Life, February, 2020

Lucia Daramus has a very open mind and in one of her essays – ‘ When The Colours Flow Over The Universe – she said: You can lose your country, you can lose your land, you can lose all of your wealth , but you remain with something: you remain with your language to lament your sadness, your blue feelings; you remain with the colour to reflect the anxiety of your soul; you remain with the dance which can imagine your struggle.

If all of these are kidnapped because of an ill-luck of an illness of mind, you remain with the memory of these  types of creation which come from subconscious.

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