Flowery – Poetry by Aldo Quagliotti

It’s the Little Things

Aldo Quagliotti writes about a love out of reach. Follow along with the imagery and tender descriptions of passion.


The indispensable was born
out of your yawns
I dyed my fingertips as I blushed
You told me I was a cutie
that your pulp would be my sunset

I sit down and loosen up
Your arms are rosebushes
thorny waves sedating my itchiness
I ride your aims when you dash off
I draw my smiles when your face turns down
I sing the Opera when the wind
expired few nights ago and it’s mid summer

don’t you see that my flips are bouquets
a tête-à-tête of poems-sharing

you have the rainforest between your legs
I run the risk, one-off explorer

Your soul is a flowery jewelry
A reflection of everything I can’t get
My head around
My hands about
To mirror your moonwalk
When I poetically arise
From another Macarena


My name is Aldo Quagliotti, an Italian author living in London since 2017. In 2019 I published my first collection of poems called Japanese Tosa with London Poetry Books and since then my poems have been included in several anthologies such as The Essential and Cannon Poet Quarterly but they have also gained international attention with Italian, Brazilian and American collections. 

Check Out: https://www.williamcorneliusharrispublishing.com/books/

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