Counting Days – Artwork by Nia Gautama

It’s the Little Things

Getting through this pandemic requires us to use our creative skills. Come see Nia Gautama’s inventive take on how she holds up during these difficult times!

Counting Days

Nia Gautama – Indonesia


28 x 35 cm

Collage, text, drawing, charcoal, watercolor pencil, paper

There are things happened from external factor that we can’t control. This year global issue is the pandemic of Covid-19, that strike the world which affected to economic and social life. Also in art activities, many are canceled or postpone, and arts ecosystem – artists, galleries, organizers, institutions, etc-  should struggle and unite together  to survive.

As therapy, I try to count my days, to adjust the new routine to work mostly from home and enjoy most of my studio time. We have to be optimist, that this too shall pass. 


Nia Gautama is  an independent artist, researcher and lecturer who resides in Bandung. She has actively exhibited both at home and abroad: “Artworks Raffle I & II”, Museum MACAN, Indonesia (2020); “Special Exhibition of Female Creation : Let’s Swing”, Xinying Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan (2019); “The Ceramic View Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand (2016); “SELSIUS-USM International Ceramic Festival, Penang, Malaysia (2014)”; “The Meeting Place-Asian Century”, Gold Coast, Australia (2013);  “Clay Unity Celebrating the Diversity of Southeast Asia”, FLICAM, Fuping, Shaanxi, China (2012); “Jakarta Biennale: Maximum City” (2011-2012);  “2nd Shanghai Modern Pot Art Biennale”, Shanghai, China (2010); and “The Ceramic Road of Southeast Asia”, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan (2009).


IG : nia_gautama

FB : nia Gautama

Website :

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