A Lover is Needed & Other Poetry by Walid Abdallah

It’s the Little Things

Take a load off and come read the sweet poetry of Walid Abdallah! Get swept up in the romance and let it fill your heart with elation!

A lover is needed 

A lover is needed for an everlasting love relation
A true lover that meets my expectation

A lover with true emotional qualification
A lover to accompany my heart in its destination

A lover never knows how to betray
A word of separation they never say

A lover that always be there in time of need
A lover that always waters the love seed

A lover that always stays near and shows care
A true lover that always shows love anytime and everywhere

A true lover should be a permanent and eternal friend
Whether near or far only true feelings they send

A lover that should know how I feel before speaking
A lover that never believes in heart breaking

A lover that must dive deep into the bottom of my heart
A lover that never says bye or knows how to depart

In hard times they never change or leave
But in me they always believe

They should always show me love and respect
And give me true heart feelings more than I expect

They should always be around all the time
And never leave me even for some time

They should stand unbearable man
And show love and endurance as possible as they can

Whoever finds in themselves these qualifications
They have just won my eternal love and great expectations

Ask Me

Ask me whatever you want, my dear

My heart will answer truly I swear

Ask me why God created the earth

Only to receive your happy birth

Ask me why God created the sun

Only to help you spread warmth, light and fun

Ask me why God created the moon in the sky its place

Only to lighten the universe sharing your face

Ask me why God created the stars so bright

Only to be like your teeth when it is night

Ask me why God created me

Only to fall in your love as forever will be

Ask me why I love you

Only for the life into my veins you flow

Finding you 

Finding you is getting my life again

Forgetting my sufferings and pain

You put me on the right way

After being lost, being astray

Now I love life for your sake

Forgetting all what is false or fake

You are the one I ever searched for

Because of you, I tasted the love I never knew before

Forever Young

My heart is forever young
A divine hymn to be sung

I love everyone and always forgive
As twice as I take, I always give

I try to be nice as possible as I can
Of peace and love I am a great fan

Life is short to waste in hate
Let tolerance be our only fate

Love people and nature around
Only the base of justice we must found

Leave good mark on each heart you meet
Let your nice memory your main good feat

Whenever you go spread love and affection
Be much nicer than people’s prediction

Treat everyone equally be always fair
Show everyone your respect and care

Being respectful is something you never regret
You will be rewarded more than you expect

We are on earth to make it a paradise
Listen to me and follow my advice

Dream big and complain less
Sadness never lasts and neither does happiness

Think positively and always be optimistic
You can’t change your fate by being pessimistic

Let live, love and learn your goal
Carve them deep in your soul

The heart that doesn’t know envy lives longer
It has better destiny and grows stronger

My heart is forever young
A divine hymn to be sung

.Forget….? Not Yet

I was a little kid one day
I knew nothing but how to play

Once we had a big house and a tree
Every day I used to see

I was playing with other boys
Around the tree with different toys

I always had a dream in my head
To grow up, be bigger than a kid

I always had a wish
Never to know grief or anguish

Did I forget…..?
Never….not yet.

One day I had black hair
Satisfied with my parent’s care

I knew nowhere but my parents’ embrace
I knew that is our house and our place

I still remember my white kite
Flying over our house before my sight

Going to school with friends of my age
Once I was young … a little page

Once we had a full life of our own
Once we had our sun and moon

Did I forget…..?
Never ……not yet.

Suddenly I grew up a thousand years
With cries, grief and tears
It was the first time to hear about Zionist occupiers
Of our own life, they are deifiers

Everything turned upside down one day
My black hair turned into grey

They destroyed our house and tree
Heard lots of desperate cries…Alas, it was me!

And showed up one Zionist
And said to me “Get out, terrorist”

Did I forget…….?
Never….,not yet.

My own parents, they brutally slew
Our house and tree, they fiercely up blew

I had no ability even to weep
As terror into my heart began to creep
Our own life, they have stolen
Our house and tree have fallen

Zionists shouted, “We came to take your land”
Your sky, desert and sand

They said, “Of our own land-get out
With guns’ and tanks’ shouts

Did I forget?
Never, not yet

I began to walk away and run
Under flaming sky and weeping sun

They forced me to desert my land, what a vile!
In my own country, everlasting exile!

All houses, schools and mosques, they demolished
All our friends and relations, they perished
Under my feet I lost my way
In my country, I became astray

My parent slept in eternal peace
They took every comfort and left me no piece

Did I forget?
Never, not yet

I was looking for a place to settle
With no food and water was so little

A while passed and saw some kids like me
They ran away, they did nothing but to flee

We lived together
We were brother to brother

Recalling what happened before our eyes
And our cries reached the skies
Everyone, his story, told
With weather was so cold

Did I forget?
Never, not yet

We promised each other
To defend our country together

We would get back our land
Arm with arm and hand to hand

We are stronger with the power of faith
We have no fear to face

Together we would sweep them out
With our faith, without doubt

The day will come so soon
And get back our sun and moon
Did we forget?
Never, not yet

Pain and torture, they invent
With horror and deliberate intent

Every time they kill one of ours
The more we gain powers

One day they would taste pain
They created a mad world, so insane

They make our streets full of bones
We are much stronger with stones

Keep demolishing houses more and more
We have more stones and they are our weapon and cure

Did we forget?
Never, not yet

As long as there is a drop of sweat
We are not afraid to be killed or hit

As long as there is a drop of blood in our vein
Our struggle would never be in vain

To achieve our own dream
Their hopes must steam

To see a green branch of leaves
Only when the last Zionist leaves

Our relations whose lives they sacrifice
In a procession direct to paradise

With prophets and martyrs, they live together
An eternal life that would never wither

Did we forget?
Never, not yet

The land is ours and forever will remain
Despite all people, they kill and detain

On the land where Jesus Christ once put his feet
The same land will witness Israel’s defeat

Zionists in our land they plant envy
God is watching and destiny

We have God’s right
With which dawn overcomes long night

Did we forget?
Never, not yet

Al Aqsa weeps and calls
Its lobbies and halls
So many martyrs on its land, no matter
For the pigeon again to come and flutter

Despite all Zionists’ crimes, the world turned the deaf ear
Our dream is getting closer, it is very near

For our country we come like water flow
Yearning for our clear sky and its blue

We never surrender or agree
To be slaves after being free

Did we forget?
Never, not yet

Our waiting will never be so long
Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa to us they belong

We will get our right back
And put an end to the night so black
We will get our life again
And get our land every mount and plain

Al-Aqsa will open again to pray
And will never be an easy prey

Our kids will never be slaves
With freedom every newborn behaves

Did we forget?
Never, never, never, not yet.

Her Love 

For the eyes with which I can see

For the heart without which I can never be

For the love of my life as a whole

For my eyes, heart and soul

Although now I can’t see her

She has all my love and care

She is the only cure for my pain

She is the love, I can’t explain

Her love no words can ever express

And will ever remain until after my death

Only for her- these lines – I dedicate

For the love determined only by fate

There is a great myth, I once read
About early mankind, it was said

That was called tale of creation
Was narrated after Eve temptation

When man and woman were in the same body
When one dress was enough for both to embody

At that time man was predestined with only one wife
Throughout his whole life

He didn’t have for a lover to look
All was in his lot, in his book

They loved each other by nature
And nothing could change this feature

Man and woman were forever together
Nohing could make their love wither
Not only one body, but also one soul
Doom and lot drag them and enthrall

They have their own life and happiness
And never knew solitude or loneliness

The soul was in love with the soul
Even before being created at all

They own everything, even the universe
Always together from birth to death

They had the land, not the sky
They could walk and swim, but not to fly

They heard about Gods’ in the skies
Whoever stares up would lose their eyes

The sky means suffer and fear
Where Gods are cruel and unfair
In order to laugh and have fun
They sometimes removed the sun

Gods’ hands were of good and evil
Sometimes hands of merciful and others of devil

There was a God of war
And other of love and adore

There was a God of hate
And a God for improving fate

Suddenly there was a fierce war among Gods
And turning people into bugs or even buds

They began to throw balls of fire
They had their dream and a desire

Separating man away from his wife
Without caring about their life
People began to Gods pray
Despite being victims and prey

For stopping the irony of these conflicts
In turning people into insects

Nobody could hear or care
To stop that nightmare

Till Zeus participated in the game
And became “king of Gods” his name

Zeus easily stopped the war
But couldn’t fix the violations happened before

Man and woman from now on are separating
Can’t any more weld and became impossible their meeting

From now on man lost his own lover
And has to search for her forever
Rarely some succeed in finding her
Some fail although she is very near

People are cursed to hesitate
Can’t make up their mind by fate

Man must walk everywhere and wander
To meet either success or surrender

Even if his lover is very near
He can’t make sure and say “that’s her” is this fair.

I Need You

I need your eyes to see my way
I need your smile to make my day

I need your love to live my life
I need your heart to forget strife

I need your soul to have a being
I need your mind to appreciate my feeling

I need you by my side
I need you in my heart to reside

I need you my angel and Princess
I need you to give me eternal happiness

I need you my dear forever
Promise not to leave me, never

If you will, you can

If you will, you can reach your goals
Man with ambitions never falls

Go for your dream, be ready to fight
Beat your weakness, overcome your night

Always live happily and dream big
Make dreams a crown to be your wig

Let your actions make your noise
Always make success your voice

No room for the weak on this land
Plant your dreams even in rock or sand

Create wings and learn to fly
Conquer your fears and never cry

Wander about the earth to find yourself
Never give up, never put your dreams on a shelf

Never waste your time in regret
Your dreams are closer than you expect

When you fall down, stand up at once
Everyone must taste failure at least once

Success after tiredness is very sweet
Set plans to create your feat

Surround yourself with the optimistic
Get rid of the nasty and the pessimistic

In order to reach the success shore
You need to cross the deep moor

If you will, you can
Snatch your dream, be a man


Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes “Go Ye Moon”, ” Dream” and “My heart still beats” And has several translated poems which won prestigious prizes in the USA like “Cause”, “Egypt’s Grief”, and “Strangers’ Cross”, his books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, and Man Domination and Woman Emancipation.

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