Multi-Medium Artwork by Yohanes Soubirius De Santo

It’s the Little Things

Yohanes Soubirius De Santo makes his creations using many mediums including palm leaves, cardboard, and more! Each piece has incredible thought and meaning behind it, translating into great artistic expression.

Photo of the Work Gospel Summary

Palm leaves as a product of rich cultural meaning have raised Indonesia in the midst of the association of world civilization. This cultural heritage has also provided the superior thinking of the people of Indonesia who gave birth to it. The tradition of carving palm leaves in Indonesia has a long history and old age along with the values of history, religion, philosophy, medicine, literature, and other high sciences.

Speaking about incising on palm leaf media, before the discovery of paper, history knows several media used as documentation and communication tools, one of which is documentation and communication with palm leaves. Documentation and communication with palm leaves are popularly used by people in several regions in Indonesia, such as Java, Bali, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara. In the past, palm leaves were often used to write saga, customary rules, and historical records, correspondence with neighboring countries, not only documentation and communication in written form, but not infrequently the documentation and communication were in the form of illustrated images on palm leaves, Illustrated pictures on palm leaves are called Prasi art.

Prasi is an illustration made on palm leaves with a technique to injure palm leaves using a special knife so that it leaves strokes resulting from concepts, ideas and ideas from ancient times until now (Suwidja, 1979: 4). Prasi who has been famous for puppet-themed stories, such as Mahabrata, Arjuna Wiwaha, and others. But in my work I try to apply something new, But now I present the other side of the prasi art itself, the way I present the other side of the prasi art itself is that I try to expand the theme of the prasi art with stories with a Christian nuance, this is the story of the life journey of the Lord Jesus who is always used in the Rosary Prayer , which I visualize with an artistic style I myself with nicks technique on palm leaf media.

Photo of the Work Negotiable Crowd

My work is derived from my view of the behavior of many people who often underestimate the negotiations with health recommendations during COVID19 made by the government, in addition to not wearing masks, behavior in making the crowd participate in negotiations. Back again with the excuse of being bored at home, longing with friends, and others. Of course this could actually worsen and increase COVID19 cases. In my work, I illustrate this situation by making a lot of characters clustered but there is a child who is wrapped in snakes and the clustered characters do not care for the child, it illustrates the current situation where there are a lot of people created, but in a crowd it seldom thinks about how the situation was during COVID19.

Photo of the Work Chat Sale

My work is intended to convey a message to the public about the importance of selling off chat. Starting with my vision of current talks, I was often still confined and entangled in unclear rules and benefited one of the parties, so that the rights of some people from certain circles felt difficult and were afraid to express their aspirations which became anxiety they will one thing, because of the unclear rules.

In my work, I use several types of paper that I draw with pens and watercolors, then I scissor and stick them on a worksheet, then I contour the edges of the picture with yellow watercolors.

Photo of the Work Virus Chatter Sale

The topic of today’s discussion cannot be separated from the discussion about COVID19, this is a chat that can be sold anywhere in the present, from where I first got the idea to work, a situation where many elements began to be centered and confined to a virus.

In my work, it is made in the form of panels and I use used cardboard as a medium, which I base it with paint before I start drawing it, on the edges of the cardboard I deliberately peel a portion of the cardboard, in addition to giving rise to and appearing the distinctive parts of each cardboard namely in the bumpy part, I also intend to provide an overview of the current situation, where the current situation has begun to be centered and confined to the virus.

Photo of the Work Switch Function

(Parents are symbolized as rulers, Children as communities, and Snakes as honey but actually poison)

In this work I tell about how the attitudes and nature of the authorities who abuse the office, where the rulers from time to time continue to produce sweet promises such as honey in order to smooth their way and purpose, but people do not know it is actually a poison that will miserable them. So that the sense of humanity, love, and freedom to obtain health, education, employment, etc. that has been promised has become very unlikely to be realized. It is the attitude and nature of these rulers that makes social problems such as racial, ethnic, religious and cultural differences that continue to the present day, if this continues, humanity, love, and freedom are merely illusions.

Photo of the Work I’m Depressed

Looking at the present house, which from time to time in this era, the house is like a prison that has someone to live and is bound by rules that sound like making it up and not making sense. So many people choose to run away from home and leave the house full of pressure. The work that I created is intended to convey the feelings of people who feel like a prison house and I present these feelings in a visual form, with a work entitled “I’m Depressed”.

Photo of the Work I’m Starting to be Spotted

Seeing the chaotic and uncontrolled atmosphere of the world today, many losses incurred both from the economic sector, culture, religion, education, and others. COVID19 really makes the condition more and more negative spices continue to enter the human mind, so that among others, now often spread excessive fears, one of these fears is the abnormal number of victims of COVID19 continues to be questioned and become questionable and become debate in various circles. Should fatalities also become a material in this chaotic situation. If the COVID19 period has ended and in the future, in the new era, will the nature and attitude in playing with the number of victims in a disaster be applied as well?

It is through my work that I try to visualize the event, by describing some human beings who continue to provide negativity spices on something that has died. The work that I created is aimed at conveying the feelings of people whose feelings are disturbed and spiced by negative herbs into their minds and I present these feelings in a visual form, with a work entitled ” I’m Starting To Be Spotted”.


Yohanes Soubirius De Santo

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