The Blind Stitch – Poem by Khadhiyya Simany

It’s the Little Things

Khadhiyya Simany takes us into the story of how the mending of a special shirt can bring solace. Take a moment this evening to appreciate this engaging poem.

The blind stitch 

My favourite shirt hanged with a sad tear 

Unfortunately my tailor and I are locked apart 

Not that i need to wear it now, soon I hoped 

But it is my favourite shirt 

The white lines on the blue material 

Almost shadows the tear to the point of invisible 

Still it sits there, questioning my sewing skills 

I had no clue if I had needle or thread for this 

So I took to task, a new assignment 

I hear my mom laugh, encouraging it is 

Dear Lord! The eye of the needle 

This thread needs to loosen weight 

Finally happy at my first victory 

I poked the eye and the thread now sits 

My hands unsure on the grip 

Is it the bottom? middle or tip on the needle I hold 

I did not want to ruin my shirt 

Than no longer would it be my favourite 

Now the stitch talks to me in alien language 

Running, Catch, Whip, Blanket, Back and Slip 

OH! All I needed was the blind stich 

To which I was numb with uncordinated skills 

The battle between me, the needle and my shirt 

Made the war cry, this I cannot go wrong 

The world on lock down ,that I cannot help 

Yet this battle will play on my tunes 

Happy with my amateur skills 

My favourite shirt glorified and I beamed on my little win 


Khadhiyya . Simany

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