Bread Artwork by Ranjeet Singh

It’s the Little Things

Ranjeet Singh uses the fascinating medium of bread to create bold concepts! Take in the images and read about the ideas behind this unique form!

“B” for Bread and “H” for House

(“R” for Roti and “G” for Ghar)

Hariya lets go home… get-ready-go

We started with the motto of development and help of all. But over time, both left behind. People walking barefoot half left many things behind, but What was left will be a dream. It must have taken time to become this dream. Some dreams might be collective, Someone’s dream; the dream of a family and someone’s entire village or country. I can say this with a lot of heart; the people walking home have lost their dreams. Walking back home heads down with the loaded burden of their baggage and responsibilities. While returning to villages with burning feet, misfortunes have become new normal in their journey. Swinging between life and death, the train accident of Aurangabad took place on May 8th, 2020, is the agony of their forever shredded dreams. This incident has stirred me up even more. I have been working on the lives of labourers for a decade but the anguish and discomfort felt today like never before. I am constantly thinking while baking bread in my kitchen, the images of labourers walking home are all over my mind and heart. The smells of brunt bread often wake me up. The burnt piece has now been turned into a surface, into a medium and a vacuum!

 Circumstances bounds men to express. And when the conditions are not available for such an interpretation, this constraint could be explosive. In such a thick time, the artist discovers a new medium in his art to express himself from his consciousness. He can also get the courage to take the inspiration from personal and public life. The discovery, use, and timely development of the new media should be considered as a part of the condition. From this point of view, the roti in my art could be seen as anxiety arising out of a situation that LOCKDOWN’s situation has created.

 For me, a piece of bread is not only a medium but it is also a metaphor of contemporary times that we have created, but not controlled by us. Roti is just not a means of erasure hunger; it has made migrant labourers in the country. For the sake of food, the farmers have become labours and keeps changing like the goods baggage in the train and then they are divided into caste and class in the name of manpower. Today they are helpless within their own contrary and people. Therefore, roti for me is a metaphor of civilization wheel which brought a renaissance in the civilization and now it has become a medium of expression for me. It has spread in all the eight regions and four directions, like geography an anthropomorphic one, it has crossed the boundaries of history and is presently present, throughout the railway tracks and parliament roads. Now it is raising questions on the need and intentions of VISTA PROJECT, asking questions about the system, degraded lives of farmers and labours (roti, Kapda Makan) bread cloths and roof. Questioning the misery of banks, autonomy of Reserved Bank of India and the dreams of five trillion-dollar economy. A series of my work asks, what sought of achievement country have got through the development and help of all?…


Ranjeet Singh

Artist, New Delhi

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