Oh “Hanky Panky” & Other Poems by Kenneth Pobo

It’s the Little Things

Three little poems filled with little wonderments of music, hot air balloons, and flowers! Come see the work of Kenneth Pobo!

To you I owe my musical life!
The Roulette label spinning on
our stereo console.

June 1966. I was eleven.

I had entered a sea made of chords
and thrums. I knew I’d be sailing
for the rest of my life.


In a hot air balloon, they float
over farms and groves, land
a disappearing puzzle piece. Up
they go, only Jerry finds that he
has acrophobia. Jeff says relax.
Jerry remembers his friend Marsha
who got him up on the ferris wheel—
it stopped. She rocked it fiercely.
Jerry puked.

All he wants is ground
that petunias clutch,
dew on his feet,
a cloud’s tall white hat
as he bends to weed.

July outrageously flirts
with dahlias. Blossom kisses
go everywhere. But the heat!
I want to board up the sun,
melt it with one raindrop.

In our fly-inspected kitchen,
I pop corn, heap it in
my grandmother’s bowl.
How many dinners did she have it
on the table? Grandma,

whenever I fill this bowl, I hear you
telling me about phlox
by the back of your house–
I grow those too.


Kenneth Pobo has a new book out from Assure Press called Uneven Steven.  His work has appeared in: Nimrod, Hawaii Review, Atlanta Review, Mudfish, and elsewhere. 


He is on Twitter at @KenPobo. 

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