In Spring – Poem and Photograph by Marina Mallhotra & Carl Scharwath

It’s the Little Things

Marina Mallhotra & Carl Scharwath remind us that the little thing of coming together with artistic talents can make a big impact! They created this awesome poem and photograph combination that builds on itself to feel the full story. Take a look!


Inside a thick blanket
An artificial haven
I think, reflects
My situation
Am I really alive?
Is this a meaningful existence?
Where is my soul?
Where is my body?
I look for it here and there
I wish to convince myself
That I am one
With myself in ideas and, directions
The sun melts blankets of snow
The wind takes cover
Positioning itself
Leaves, trees and flowers
That dare themselves
“It’s my time now” they utter
Then I ask myself
Is it my time too?
And if it is, if it really is?
My time…. now
Will I be able to keep pace
With the swift streams of life
That reject cultures, and civilizations
Then once again
I am left behind by them
In spring…….


Poet & Model – Marina Mallhotra

Photographer – Carl Scharwath

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