It’s the Little Things

July Online Open Mic has come to an end, but their inspiration keeps pushing us! Each artist brought us so much to think about and digest to start off our summer, and I’m so thankful for every one of them!

As we move into August, I still feel the world breathing heavy. The tenacious things we are, we keep adjusting and adapting to our current situation. This is amazing, but it comes at a cost of energy depletion. I’m here to remind you, you’re doing good! You’re still here and fighting? That’s powerful! Be proud of yourself!

When I go through hard times, I’ve found that what gets me through the most are the little things. The tiniest of details to my day that would otherwise go unnoticed. If only seconds of joy, it gives my mind a small respite in the chaos to smile, to laugh (even if the laughter is from bitter humor), to have hope, or to simply enjoy something.

This month, I’ve called out to the artists to bring me little things to help each one of us get through our days and they did not disappoint! Get ready to see a month of little things to bring you the respite you need to keep fighting your battles!

-Mia Savant

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