Monsoon – Poetry by Muzzafar Ahmad Magray

July Online Open Mic

Soak in the luscious imagery of Muzzafar Ahmad Magray! Take in the encouragement he gives to appreciate our surroundings with love.


I like the monsoon,
When it is rain and rain.
Earth gets drenched,everything looks fresh as it can.
After scorching heat it is blessing in disguise.
Children are leaving homes,soaking in rain with cheerful noise.
O love you were flashing in my inward eye, as rain was falling with might.
I was in your lap and you were holding me tight.
O love I rested my head on thy arm.
Slowly I began to feel better and warm.
My love for you is like the tidy sea.
So powerful and deep it will be.
It was raining and our love was about to bloom.
Everything was rejuvenating, vanishing was gloom.
Our time was glorious and love was sweet.
We were love making with every heart beat.
I remember we dance and played in the rain.
Such was our love, forget we worldly pain.
When I wake,it was drizzling.
I was gaily and then i wanna sing.
O love, o love ,o love,o love.
I cherish you forever, today I vow.

© Muzzafar Magray


Muzzafar Ahmad Magray  hailing from the small hamlet, khundoora in District Anantnag  jammu and Kashmir (INDIA)POET,WRITER AND VORACIOUS  READER

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