Graphic Poems by San Lin Tun

July Online Open Mic

Don’t miss these charming and uplifting graphic poems! They are beautifully illustrated and written by San Lin Tun.

Artist Statement 

An illustration is needed to go with a poem to enhance its poetic sense. I wonder what if I illustrate my own poems. This idea came to me when I composed a couplet based on humorous, inspirational and motivational themes. I have seen a comeback of culture in which people send postcards to their endearing friends or families although e-postcards are available online. I think that I can use these images in the front face of postcards and so, I have published the first collection of graphic poems as postcards last year. The following are new ones except the poems ‘‘The Beautiful World’’ and ‘‘The Peace Door’’ which have already appeared in postcards.


San Lin Tun is a freelance writer of essays, poetry, short story and novel in Myanmar and English. He authored more than ten English books. His writings appeared in several local and international publications including Asia Literary Review, Kitaab, NAW, Mekong Review, Mad in Asia Pacific, Myanmar Times, Myanmmore, My Yangon Magazine, Ponder Savant, South East of Now and several others. He lives in Yangon. 

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