Kisses & Other Poems by Jackie Chou

July Online Open Mic

Come and enjoy the wondrous poetry of Jackie Chou! Her calm and sweet writing is soothing to the soul.


Your kiss is Ben and Jerry, Haagen Dazs
The union of our tongues
Awakens my sweet tooth
I want to freeze this moment before it melts
Lick my lips for its leftover taste

Your kiss is a temporary tattoo
Imprinted on my cheek
I cherish for as long as I can
Before time washes it away

Your kiss is a trophy in my heart
I keep as a memento
Until we grow old
Our youthful fling
Only a memory


my muse is the guy from the green day song
when i come around
i wait for him on my threadbare couch
to no avail
i work up a sweat, pull my hair out
i cry copious tears, pound the walls
still he would not come
i am all alone with my inadequacy
and he won’t even let me pursue him

when he finally comes
I don’t know if he’ll stay long enough
for me to capture him
he prohibits me from trying to keep him


My anger is the black side of the yin and yang
One day I’m a gentle breeze
Tickling the surface of your placid heart
Making little ripples of impact
My lips like cotton candy puffs
Whispering sweetness into your ears
The next day I’m a gale
Turning a glint on an incense
Into a fast and far spreading fire
Making havoc out of nothing
My mean streak surfacing
Like the face of a cloudless moon


Jackie Chou is a poet residing in sunny Southern California who writes free verses and Japanese short form poetry.  Her work has been published in Dreamwell One Hundred Memories anthology, JOMP 21 Dear Mr. President anthology, Spectrum, Lummox, Creative Talents Unleashed anthologies, and others. She was nominated for a Best of the Net in 2017 by Hidden Constellation.  

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