Solitude – Poem by Cheryl Vargas

July Online Open Mic

Cheryl Vargas brings a tranquil poem for us to relax into. It doesn’t feel so much like reading, as it does like being in a sweet meditation.


 Cheryl Vargas

She rests beneath a cascade of flowers. The earth yawns. A spring sky awakens. Clouds make their own waves over turquoise sea. She fashions an Irish lace shawl. The tree’s knotty trunk is as strong as her lover’s arms and she leans as lovers do. Twigs coated in mud artisan-style house unborn robbins. The nest hidden on a short branch, distributes the weight. She carries hers daily in her shoulders. Birds whisper and she listens. Their secrets    safe with her. She carries fragrant blooms that remain on her dress, as well as his scent. Her beloved Cherry Blossom tree absorbs it all.  A Japanese parasol protects her identity. 


Cheryl Vargas is a New Jersey native who writes for pleasure. Her poems are inspired by the many hats she wears. This includes her daily experiences working and enjoying life with her husband, sons, and daughters. Her latest poem was featured in the Spring/ Summer 2020 edition of Tiferet.

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