Father & Son Standing in Soup Kitchen Line & Other Poems by Anthony Mondal

July Online Open Mic

On this sparkling Sunday afternoon, we have the serene poetry of Anthony Mondal! Delve into the flow of his words and the stories that he creates to edify your day.

Father & Son standing in soup kitchen line

The defeated, the down and out, the forgotten,
They all have gathered, on a wintry Sunday night
To feed the belly’s hunger fire, and escape the plight.
In the crowd of people you see, A father and son, restless and uneasy.
Quickly you observe, they there don’t belong.
But something somewhere, must have gone wrong.
Eight to nine, must be the boys age barely he understands not why?
His playful carefree days are over so suddenly.
He had a warm home, he had a loving mother.
Now all is lost and gone forever.
Some say because, the lost job took a toll on his father.
And others say, he is an addict and, a gambler.
Many questions run thru his young mind.
To which he can’t any answers find.
In great fear he clutches, his father’s arm
Hoping he will protect him from all harm.
The hostile world walks by indifferent.
His tear stained face, has yet to lose its innocence.

And another boy, the mean streets of life is hungry to swallow.

The Death of a Plant

Sitting in the corner, upon the ledge
looking gloomy, looking sad, very much on the edge
Weeping in grief
For want of sunlight and fresh air brief,
Leaves, they are stained with oily grease
The poisonous fumes, makes life unease.
Surrounded by tools and machineries of all kind.
Not to mention, the people devoid of hearts kind.
Cold and damp is the room temperature
Where things delicate, have no place, no future.
Slowly but surely toward death it proceeds.
Only to be replaced, by another plant indeed.
Uncared for, unwanted, suffering torture endless.
It will also follow thru, the same bloody cycle, more or less.

Yet it was only yesterday
In a garden full of mirth and joy
Tended they were, with much love and care
By a Kind Gardener Dear.

One Day by the Pier

The rolling waves, gently dashing
Against the wooden pier.
Sea-birds circling, high above my head
Their beautiful symmetry, with grace displayed.
And the infinite blue sky dome
With not a trace of clouds, there roam.
Falling rays of sun on the water surface glitters
Beckoning me to a world of treasures deeper
Immersed I was in my tranquil day dreams
Lost I was in space and time it seems.

But just for a while!
Then the ear shattering growl of the helicopter
All my finer moments, made disappear
Left I was, only, with the sounds inharmonious
Of a bustling busy metropolis.
Who like a sultry mistress attracts
The faithful husband’s devotion distract.

The 12 Foot Journey

Grey ugly looking birds swoop down on the grass,
right beside my tin hut.
They are busy hunting insects in the tall grass.
Then I observe this one insect
trembling and shaking crawling to safety.
Crossing the concrete path to the other patch of grass.
It must seem like one hell of a journey or crossing
from the bug’s point of view.
If not now, but in few hours time or may be even tomorrow….
The bug will find a place in the bird’s stomach.
Us humans also we cross lakes, deserts, mountains and oceans
To find that perfect place of nestled peace and tranquility
Only to be rendered homeless……. Again and Again.

© Anthony Mondal 2018

Approaching Fall Quatrain

The cold Northern front arrives at my window
Late at night, the air is chilled
I reach out in the dark and switch off my fan!……

…… And the crickets resume their singing.


Anthony Mondal is a poet, novelist and actor. He considers himself simply as an artist beyond the confines of nationality and religion. He proudly calls himself a citizen of the world. His most recent book of poems was titled A Burst of Sunshine, which is his second published book. He lived in New York City for almost ten years pursuing writing, acting and song writing – well, then he had a breakdown! And now our artist recuperates/resides in Michigan, USA. As an actor he has appeared in the film “Sabrina” and the TV show “Strangers with Candy” (2000). He received his BA from Calvin College in geology in 1995. He worked in the World Trade Centre, Building One in 2001 and has survived.

Currently he is working on an existential novel tentatively titled “In Search Of…” and is looking for a publisher/agent for his completed Memoirs.

Read more about this author at: https://shareyourstory.net.au/anthony-mondal/

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