A Conversation with Corona Virus 2020 & Other Poems by Walid Abdallah

July Online Open Mic

Walid Abdallah, an Egyptian poet and author, takes us through all the topics with his eloquent poetry. From the Corona Virus,racism, love, and everything in between, follow along to feel with him to feel the humanity in all of it.

A Conversation with Corona Virus 2020

Why have you come from nothingness?
I have come to cause death and sadness?

Why would you like to destroy and kill?
People trade in one another and sell

Why do you appear now?
To make savage people bow

Are you happy with causing pain?
You created me, I can’t explain

Do you know people hate your nature?
People invented every pain and torture

When will you leave us alone?
When I finish my job soon

Do you come to change destiny?
I come to eliminate every tyranny

Why do you kill the innocent?
Every war has victims’ percent

What do you really need?
I want to implant peace seed

What do you think you can really do?
I already stopped all the wars flow

What else can you do to impose quietness?
I made all people equal, I imposed fairness

Aren’t you afraid of America, China or England?
I already beat all their troops on every land

What about Germany, Russia and Italy?
They are nothing, I am the absolute reality

What is your final message?
Make peace your only passage

What is your final need?
To end your ego and greed

When will you show some mercy?
When good prevails, and evil must flee


I always have a dream
Flowing into my veins like a stream

Throughout my life I wander about
Having deep faith to reach it, no doubt

I always keep it in my heart and mind
I am sure one day I will get it and find

I dream of a new world with no pain
A peaceful world, not insane

I dream of a world full of peace and love
Where birds never stop singing and fluttering above

I dream of a world where lovers never separate
Forever together united by fate

I dream of a world full of trees and flowers
Where love, peace and brotherhood its only powers

I dream all people in one language they all speak
Where love ties and peaceful relations never break

I dream the world becomes fair and just
Where wars and conflicts become a very far past

I dream all people have the same feelings
All people become true human beings

I hope my dream comes true one day
And “peace” becomes the only word people can say


I have always been called black
Before my eyes and behind my back

I always try to hide my sufferings and tears
I have to stand more than anyone bears

I didn’t create my myself nor my color
That becomes my weakness and their power

I may be black from the outside
But I have the whitest hear inside

My color has become the curse of my own race
On earth, we no longer have a place

I am cursed in every place I go
I always feel so little and low

I was born only to suffer
My feeling doesn’t matter

For any crime, I am the first to blame
The Nigro did it and call my name

My soul is imprisoned within the dark skin
My own color has become my own sin

I hope people will see the beauty in my heart
And stop excluding me and asking me to depart

My heart breaks a thousand times every day
No body cares about me, no attention they pay

I am a caged bird left lonely in a rainy night
With broken wings, with no power to fight

Outcast and cursed that’s how I always feel
In front of their vanity we should kneel

I hope they will understand we complete each other
We were created to reconstruct the earth together

We have the same soul but different colors
This should be our strength and our powers

I dream of a world in which we are all the same
And only a human being becomes our name

We should teach our children the power of tolerance
And root out envy, hatred and intolerance

Hard to forget

Away from you, the world is just a vast jail
I wander about, I just fail
You taught me how to love and give
You taught me how to be kind and forgive
You have my heart, yet you deserve more
My life with you I always hope for
Although these years I can’t get
It is still hard to forget
I always need your love and care
As all the happy moments we always share
All these happy memories, remind me
Without which I will never be
Away from you, away from happiness
Among different people but live in loneliness
Your love will never be past
Your love will ever last
When the world becomes so cruel
Whenever I find your embrace so warm and cool
When my love, all people ask for
Your love is still much more
When I am ungrateful and unfair
You are the one to show love and care
If you deserve something, you deserve the skies
Away from you my heart weeps and cries
Between your arms tenderness and affection settle
Love flows from your heart when it is so little
Whenever I do wrong and you have to hate
I find you , all my faults, you appreciate
You always look at me in a loving way
No words can describe my love or say
You are the first intimate friend of mine
You are the first kindness and loving sign
For me you always supply and pray
In a time when tenderness begins to decay
Away from you, it is hard to survive
Away from you, I always suffer and strive
No words on earth can explain
How much love from you I gain
You always care for me first
And irrigate my heart in time of thirst
Beside you happiness I first met
And happy moments I always get
That’s why it is hard to forget

Finding you

Finding you is getting my life again

Forgetting my sufferings and pain

You put me on the right way

After being lost, being astray

Now I love life for your sake

Forgetting all what is false or fake

You are the one I ever searched for

Because of you, I tasted the love I never knew before

Her Love

For the eyes with which I can see

For the heart without which I can never be

For the love of my life as a whole

For my eyes, heart and soul

Although now I can’t see her

She has all my love and care

She is the only cure for my pain

She is the love, I can’t explain

Her love no words can ever express

And will ever remain until after my death

Only for her- these lines – I dedicate

For the love determined only by fate

My heart still beats
Everyone needs someone to care for
Everybody needs someone to love and adore
Everyone needs someone in joy and torture
To share his beloved in present and future
To live alone, life is so bitter
To live in love, life is much better
Come closer, much closer to me
To make one loving entity
Stay with me in my life
To bear pains, struggle and strife
Come closer touch my love and feel
Cure my heart wounds and heal
Make me feel alive again
You dwell my heart and brain
I see rosy dreams in your eyes
You have become my land and skies
Life will come back again to earth
And give it a new being, a new birth
Come closer, don’t go away
Deep inside my hear reside and stay
You are the joy of my life and cure
The relief of my pains I never tasted before
The sun of my love to you will never set
You have enthralled my heart since we met
We can touch the sky together
Our love created flowers that don’t wither
Our love makes trees swing in the wind
Carrying the longing my heart and soul send
My love runs with each drop of the falling rain
My love runs with each drop of blood in my vein
Because of you my heart can beat again
You gave my life a meaning that no words can explain

On our first date!

On our first date
I race the time, can’t wait

I have a new feeling, a bit strange
offering you eternal love that will never change

You are the love I have always been looking for
You are the true love I have never felt before

In front of your eyes, I am speechless
Listen to my heartbeats as words can’t express

When reality has become better than fiction
And you are far more beautiful than every prediction

A princess straight from heaven you really are
I am holding a dream I have always thought very far

I am enthralled by your eyes and their magic
A time when I lose all my reason and logic

I drown into the deep sea of your eyes
Believe your heart, it never lies

You have become all the people I’d like to know
You are the secret of my happiness, you are the clue

Let’s start our love journey at forever
A journey of love that ends at never

You grow a rosy flower in my heart that never withers
You gave my hearts wings and feathers

I no longer live on earth
You gave me a love knows no death

I give you a promise that will never break
I am yours forever, I will always be there for your sake

My eyes no longer see but you
Only you paint my life and draw

Every new year and I am yours and you are mine
Every new year and we are lovers’ model and sign

Every new year and I love you again and again
Every new year and we are in love and will always remain

Every new year and you are all my flowers and trees
Every new year and you are all the air I breathe

Every new year and we are together
Every new year and we belong to each other


Once I had a heart, I had a lover

Promised each other to be in love forever

Once she was my sun and sky

I thought I will never weep or cry

Once she was all I own

Now I am desperately alone

Once she was my soulmate

Never imagined our separation by fate

Once she was the smile of my life

Now it is only suffering and strife

Once she was the candle in my night

Without her, I lost my sight

Once her love filled my veins

Now I only feel severe pains

Once she was my princess

Now I forget joy and happiness

Once I had a dream and aspiration

Now I only feel deep frustration

Once I was alive somewhere

Now I took all my sadness share

Tale of creation!

There is a great myth, I once read
About early mankind, it was said
That was called tale of creation
Was narrated after Eve temptation
When man and woman were in the same body
When one dress was enough for both to embody
At that time man was predestined with only one wife
Throughout his whole life
He didn’t have for a lover to look
All was in his lot, in his book
They loved each other by nature
And nothing could change this feature
Man and woman were forever together
Nohing could make their love wither
Not only one body, but also one soul
Doom and lot drag them and enthrall
They have their own life and happiness
And never knew solitude or loneliness
The soul was in love with the soul
Even before being created at all
They own everything, even the universe
Always together from birth to death
They had the land, not the sky
They could walk and swim, but not to fly
They heard about Gods’ in the skies
Whoever stares up would lose their eyes
The sky means suffer and fear
Where Gods are cruel and unfair
In order to laugh and have fun
They sometimes removed the sun
Gods’ hands were of good and evil
Sometimes hands of merciful and others of devil
There was a God of war
And other of love and adore
There was a God of hate
And a God for improving fate
Suddenly there was a fierce war among Gods
And turning people into bugs or even buds
They began to throw balls of fire
They had their dream and a desire
Separating man away from his wife
Without caring about their life
People began to Gods pray
Despite being victims and prey
For stopping the irony of these conflicts
In turning people into insects
Nobody could hear or care
To stop that nightmare
Till Zeus participated in the game
And became “king of Gods” his name
Zeus easily stopped the war
But couldn’t fix the violations happened before
Man and woman from now on are separating
Can’t any more weld and became impossible their meeting
From now on man lost his own lover
And has to search for her forever
Rarely some succeed in finding her
Some fail although she is very near
People are cursed to hesitate
Can’t make up their mind by fate
Man must walk everywhere and wander
To meet either success or surrender
Even if his lover is very near
He can’t make sure and say “that’s her” is this fair.

When you need me

When you need me, just look up to the sky

You will see me with the stars so high

Watching you from any harm and protect

I am much nearer than you expect

Even if days separate us one day

I will find you, I will find some way

Don’t think of tomorrow, It is still away

Any word of separation, never say

The day will come and unite us again

And catch our happiness and forget pain

Biography of the Poet:

Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes “Go Ye Moon”, ” Dream” and “My heart still beats” And has several translated poems which won prestigious prizes in the USA like “Cause”, “Egypt’s Grief”, and “Strangers’ Cross”, his books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, and Man Domination and Woman Emancipation.

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