July Online Open Mic – Call For Submissions!

Call for Submissions!

How are you? How are you feeling? The world has a heaviness to it right now, and I want to give artists a chance to share what is on their hearts and minds. For Online Open Mic you can submit any type of art on any topic. Whether it is artwork about Black Lives Matter, the pandemic & lockdown, or something completely different, it is all welcome. Selected submissions will be displayed here on www.pondersavant.com during the month of July.

Come share your thoughts and your feelings. They are welcome here.

Submit To:

Email Mia Savant at pondersavant@gmail.com using the subject line “July Online Open Mic.”

Submissions Guidelines:

1. Send your artwork on any topic that is on your heart right now. Artwork can be poetry, pictures, paintings, sculptures, videos, etc.

-If sending video, please send it as a link to either youtube or vimeo.

Disclaimer: Submissions that include hate, discrimination, or inappropriate content will not be accepted.

2. Include a picture of yourself or any photo that you feel represents yourself as an artist.

3. Include any bios, links to your work, or social media sites that you would like to be shared.

4. Follow the blog site www.pondersavant.com. If you have Facebook or Instagram follow there as well @pondersavant.

5. Spread the word! Let other artists know about Online Open Mic by your social media sites or word of mouth!

Deadline for submission is June 30th, 2020

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