One-Liners Abound! – Frogg Corpse


Frogg Corpse is a poet from Louisville, Kentucky.

Frogg published a memoir titled “The Mourning Hour” in 2011.

The Mourning Hour was showcased in 2012 at the London Book Fair. Frogg Corpse has performed Spoken Word at Gonzofest for three years in Louisville. Gonzofest is a festival event celebrating the life and legacy of writer and Louisville native

Hunter S. Thompson. 

Frogg Corpse was a featured poet Halloween 2019 by Cajun Mutt Press. Frogg also has poetry in the Fall 2019 edition of Artifact Nouveau Magazine. Frogg Corpse has written a guest blog in 2019 for 48HrBooks. The guest blog discusses the importance of documenting dreams to improve writing.

Frogg has poems in the first issue of Necro Magazine.

Frogg has performed in a 2020 SlamPoetry event hosted by Spoken Word artist Suli Breaks. Suli has placed Frogg as a personal favorite performer and poet. MTV Jackass star Steve-O respectively owns a copy of Frogg Corpses aforementioned memoir.

Instagram: @FroggCorpse

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