We Will Take You to the Grave and Hope for the Best – Poetry by Mniko Chacha

Still Shining

Get your hopeful and fighting spirit on with Mniko Chacha! He tackles our current times head on while focusing on positive prospects on the horizon. Take a look!

We will take you to the grave

You (Covid-19) emerged from the dark world,
You fought us with an unmerciful sword,
And blew our world,
With your winds of despair,
And fear.

You hurried to trespass into peopleโ€™s lungs,
And ceased their lives,
So, we lost heroes,
And shed unnumbered tears,
Soon, we will win and take you to the grave with thousand smiles.

Hope for the best

I hope for the best,
Even when things get the worst,

I get an encouraging energy from my chest,
That lift me in making every effort,

I bust a gut,
And works my guts out to be the best,

I break chains of the worst,
To improve my quality and quantity,

I aim to be either the highest,
Or a cut above the rest,


Mniko Chacha is the Self-Published Author on online book publishers such as Amazon, Kobo, and the like. He mainly writes Poems, Short Stories and Novels in both English and Swahili language. His prominent books are SONGS OF AFRICAN FATHERS and KIRAKA CHA UKOMBOZI. He lives and works as the Senior Legal Officer in Mwanza City-Tanzania. Currently, he is working on both his debut novel and a book of poems in English language. Apart from writing, he enjoys reading novels, plays, self-help books, short stories, and creative journals or magazines.

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/MnikoChacha3

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009133773478

Linkedin – https://tz.linkedin.com/in/mniko-chacha-577827a4

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