WTC-World Tour Circus – Tincan Prints by Tomaž Jelenc

Still Shining

See creativity to the max when you look at these pieces of art made out of tincan lids! Check out Tomaž Jelenc and what he has been working on in Osijek, Croatia during this pandemic. He is out there with passion, a message, and proving that the world truly is our canvas.

"WTC • World Tour Circus"

Drypoint, Collage, A la poupée,
(Tincan print, Approx.: 10 x 17 cm)
Fabriano 300g, 27 x 35 cm

Artist Statement:
Like imperialism, feudalism and capitalism, the Neo-feudalism is a platform of society based on the “right of the elite” to oppress fellow human beings and to exploit the weaker, the poorer, the less talented. Today, the legal system only protects fraudsters, and the honest man has once again become a “servant” who never finds justice and gratification with the Lord. If your father steals and becomes a “wealthy father” as his bank account and his power grows, albeit at the expense of collateral damage, citizen misery, hunger and even life-threatening damage to your children … What is his example? So what do we teach our children? Where are we pointing them?
Into the vicious circle of a well-organised “World Tour Circus”

As a result of our journey through global transition, we have conquered the notion of democracy, evolved to a higher level and enacted values such as egoism and rebellion. The legacy of “Mother Earth” and the responsible task of the ombudsman of the” common estate” has become a” mission impossible “as the common good has been transformed into a” hunting ground “for political, economic and religious tycoons who tirelessly produce the sufficient amount of “nebulosity and fear” needed for a
quality daily “breakfast” us ordinary villagers. Kleptocrates in the age of globalisation, the formation of the “New World Order” and virtual dependency, “feeds us” with more than 100,000 visual information a day. Breakfast of champions who, in the process of existence, of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, aware of their helplessness, can only afford a can of food.

To refresh your memory:
A.Definition of kleptocracy: Ancient Greek “thief” and “rule” kleptocracy is a term used for government entities who fraudulently exploit government corruption for personal wealth and political power, and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats), with embezzlement public funds at the expense of the population, sometimes even without the pretext of honest service. The term means “rule of thieves”.

B. SDO or “Dry Daily Meal”: Meal intended for military needs or masses in the event of natural disasters.

A. The best and most valuable things in life are free. At birth, we got a mega
processor, a brain. IT IS TIME TO USE THEM !!

The Lords had gentlemenly achieved social distance long ago, which they only consolidated with the present pandemic and showed us all how helpless and alienated we really are.



I graduated at the Academy of Art in Osijek in 2020, at the Department of Arts, module painting and printmaking. I exhibited on numerous local and a couple of international exhibitions, received some awards and recognitions. I have been a member of the Croatian Association of Art Artist since 2015. I live and work in Osijek and exhibit actively. I am engaged in printmaking, photography, video, painting and design.

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