A Soldier of Life and Other Poems by Anthony Mondal

Still Shining

Such a treat we have this morning brought by Anthony Mondal! He is an artist of many kinds as a poet, novelist, and actor. The richness of his work will fill your day like a cup of coffee and smooth jazz. Don’t miss his reading from his book, as well as his other poems below!

Human Nature, a Reflection
Human nature is falteringly slow
On its journey to be Humane
In spite of many great men before
Who paved for us, the path to follow
Often in our judgment, we are incredibly shallow.
Though deep in our heart we know it to be wrong
We amuse ourselves, when others are at fault
In our callous and casual ways, we cause much sorrow
We plunder mankind, as if there is no tomorrow
Tossing and turning in sleep, because of all our evil doings
We soothe our conscience, with intoxicating drinks
And asleep indeed are plenty
In not knowing their true human nature
Half asleep, half awakened, bewildered and baffled
They rush through life’s journey unexamined
Apologetically, I must say so
Human nature is yet far away from being Humane
And a far, far cry, from being even near to Divine.

I would Rather
I would rather watch the storm clouds gather in a distant corner of the sky
Rather than
Sit in a cubicle wasting my life away.

I would rather play soccer bare feet, feeling the cool dewy grass
Rather than
Sit in an office with no window- staring away at the computer screen.

I would rather walk alone thru the city streets, soaked wet by spring rain
Rather than
Listen to my boss and their silly rules and policies (Jargon)

I would rather pickup a profound lyrical book of Poems by a famous dead Author
And sit reading underneath the shade of a tree
Rather than
Type nonsensical claims and letters filled with numbers, corporate rules, underneath the fluorescent
tube lights

These are the things I would rather do than lock my inner child in a forced prison, for the sake of money.
But they don’t heed his tears of sorrow
Nor do they pay any attention to his Wants and needs.

When can we “See” diamonds in rough and Appreciate

Come they from distant shores
To seek Justice and fortune in a foreign land
Driven often by economic poverty
And sometimes evicted by politics dirty.
Leaving behind their native land;
To start life anew, in the land of Freedom and opportunity.
Fall victim frequently they, to scheme and schemers
Some lose their minds and some reduced to paupers
With a lot of courage and hope in their heart
The fortunate few crosses oceans and seas reaching at last!
Start they from the lowest rung of the economical ladder
With great aspirations to climb up higher
Unsympathetically are they snubbed and harassed
By sons and daughters of former immigrants
Forget cautious citizens, of their perilous adventure
Sees them only as job competitor.
Watch also they from distance bitter
The wine dine and dancing of the society “proper”

Live they in huddles,
Scared to venture, beyond their limited circles
Often their hardship, reaps benefit later
As they sacrifice for generations future
In times of economic prosperity,
Forgotten are their labors, with great insincerity
But in times of economic crisis
Are made scapegoats, and sacrificial lambs of faulty policies

Tear swells up in Her eyes
As Maiden Liberty, helplessly watches
The grave injustice done , to her precious children’s.

So are we all immigrants on Planet Earth
Since our souls have origin, removed much afar from this materialistic earth.
Perceived only by senses fine and a feeling heart.

Note: This poem was written way back, during my New York days, and was just sitting in my notebook. I had a quick read and thought this might ring true for the present situation.


Anthony Mondal is a poet, novelist and actor. He considers himself simply as an artist beyond the confines of nationality and religion. He proudly calls himself a citizen of the world. His most recent book of poems was titled A Burst of Sunshine, which is his second published book. He lived in New York City for almost ten years pursuing writing, acting and song writing – well, then he had a breakdown! And now our artist recuperates/resides in Michigan, USA. As an actor he has appeared in the film “Sabrina” and the TV show “Strangers with Candy” (2000). He received his BA from Calvin College in geology in 1995. He worked in the World Trade Centre, Building One in 2001 and has survived.

Currently he is working on an existential novel tentatively titled “In Search Of…” and is looking for a publisher/agent for his completed Memoirs.

Read more about this author at: https://shareyourstorypublishing.com/anthony-mondal/

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