Where Is Your Hero – Sculptures by Li Chao

Still Shining

Li Chao is a sculptor from Guangzhou, China! Below are the fantastic pieces he has been working on since the lockdown. I loved being able to see an inside look into his perspective. Take a look below to be inspired and uplifted by his work and his take on the current events!

Li Chao’s description during the quarantine period:
In 2020, the release of a dark aura. The worldwide disaster and has cost us countless losses and suffering. What lies between the truth and the lies? Would ideas of individual and social media collide into sublimity or destruction? What behind it? What don’t we know?
As a human being who with no medical knowledge, I have quarantined strictly in accordance with the relevant precautions. Because my studio is 20 kilometers from home,and all the restaurant were closed. I could only stay at home most of the time, learning how to cook all kinds of delicious food for my family and children, staying home spending times with my children is the happiest thing for me.
But the truth is that, while giving me a pause and respite from the hustle and bustle, this situation also reshaping the structure of the world. The Internet has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, people are rapidly replacing physical objects with technology, and many people’s lives were getting off track.
Who can image that an invisible virus caused the collapse of the whole real life, which made me feel the insignificance of human beings and the dilemma of reality. Will the world get any better? We all full of unknown and lost.
All the things that I can do is try my best to cherish everything around me, love my art, love my family and also love the earth.


Li Chao’s personal statement

Since graduating from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China in 2004, I am actively engaged in the Sculpture fields, and started to teach at the Affiliated High School of Guangzhou Academy of Find Arts. I am good at sculpting with wood, stone, etc.

I believe that there are two kinds of scars, one is inherent, and the other is by acquire causes. Wood and stone are things of their own nature. They may be loose, skew, crisp, stable, constant and large. The shortcoming can’t be remove as well, it can only be restored. Wood, Rock, restore, and me, all of which compose my work.

The human and natural originally are one, coexistence. But both of their mission, there are some other opposition, human willingness to put some things confuse the essence.

The most beautiful things in the world is that people or the stuff that helping us to restore our insufficients & hurts.

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http://blog.163.com/lee_1 http://leeone1978.blog.sohu.com

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