The Beach – Poem and Photograph by Maggie Shaw

Still Shining

Reminisce about the beach with Maggie Shaw! She paints the picture of serenity that we can hold onto while we wait for the pandemic to pass.

The Beach
I know the sand still meets the sea.
I know the gulls still soar.
I wonder if they wonder why
we don’t come anymore.
I used to do the four mile walk
that ended by the dune.
The lighthouse where I used to sit,
will not reopen soon.
The old man who would fly his kite,
the children all in line,
are staying safe inside their homes
as I stay safe in mine.
I miss my walks along the beach
and solitude is fair,
but still I long for rippling waves
and all the people there.
I do not know when I’ll return
to feel the sun’s warm rays.
But as for now, I’ll close my eyes
and wait for better days.


Maggie Shaw

I am a poet, photographer and retired educator. I live on Long Island.

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