Four Faces by Shreyasee Konar

Still Shining

Shreyasee Konar has created a poem and artwork combination that is an excellent expression of emotion with the current state of the world. Konar’s work reminds us to be okay with our feelings right now.

Four faces

Suffering begins
Tears flow
Know why?
You hardly know
Talk of the town
Roaming around
Facts and figures
Falling on the ground
Is it reality?
Is it a thought?
Trapped inside
Left to rot
The birds chatter
Bringing the news
True or false?
Yet a ton of views
Life stops
Everything’s slow
Know why?
You hardly know.


Shreyasee Konar
“I am an artist who likes to create an alternate universe for my audience using abstract themes. I have won 4 awards and 13 nominations internationally.”

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