Quarantine Collection – Paintings by Claudia Hoag McGarry

Still Shining

Claudia Hoag McGarry started painting during lockdown and let me tell you, they are so loveable! Take a look and be uplifted by the colors and feeling of goodness!


Claudia Hoag McGarry

“I am a playwright and novelist. I started painting in the lock down. I have done 18 paintings in 9 days and it’s a huge surprise to me. I have hardly painted since college.
My plays in recent years have been Kiddo and Patty Hearst and These Complicated Women. I have a romantic comedy called Breaking the Code being produced in mid August here in SB at the Center Stage Theater.”

7 thoughts on “Quarantine Collection – Paintings by Claudia Hoag McGarry

  1. I especially like the giraffe lying in a bed of coconuts. The symbolism is striking. The large left ear, for eavesdropping of course; or likely, monitoring the moaning from her calf that she’s to lazy to feed. This lazy giraffe leaves her calf to figure out how to get the coconut milk out to survive. What drama! Will the calf live or die? Or will it even be able to hold a machete? The genius of this picture makes me weep.

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