Still Shining- May Series

Good Morning, Ponderbots!

May is here and we have a power packed month full of artists! I was blown away with the amount of participation for this series, and I am so excited! We even have two artists a day for some of the days!

As Covid-19 has brought the world to quarantines and lockdowns, causing the world to shift, there is some things that it cannot take away, our creative spirits. Our mediums may have to be altered, as well as our subject matters, but life prevails through art.

Our hearts go out to everyone fighting the illness and the ones in the frontlines. While they fight the sickness head on, the artists encourage and inspire, which keep up the spirit and validate the hardships. All of us taking the small part we have in this world to work together as a team.

This month is some of the work people have been doing while they’ve been in isolation, and I am in such awe of all the accomplishments despite the tribulations.

We are still here, we are still fighting, and we are still shining.

-Mia Savant

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