A Candle in the Wind/Dream/A Conversation with Corona Virus 2020/ & More Poetry by Walid Abdallah

A Dash of Whimsy Series –

Walid Abdallah, an Egyptian poet and author, brings us some poetry to get lost in! Take some time this morning to take a look.

A candle in the wind

I am a candle in the wind
dancing happily, I pretend

I am always deep under pressure
Suffering from stress with no measure

In silence I always burn
How to survive I should learn

I always live to end others’ night
They think it’s my duty and their right

Nobody cares how I feel
Or cools my wounds that never heal

No dream in my life comes true
Because of winds that always blow

I burn for others’ happiness
I only get their carelessness

I don’t know for how long I should burn
For those who never care or concern

I gradually vanish for their sake
they squeeze my hear and break

I really can’t stand for long
To a place I never belong

I lost the love of my life as a whole
In a world with no substitute at all

She couldn’t stand in the wind with me
Left me in the storm and decided to flee

She took all the sense of life away
And left me in the wind lost and astray

I am half alive and half dead
I can’t bear what she just said

She left and took my heart with her
She never knew how much I care

We become strangers again
As she couldn’t bear the pain

I am a candle in the wind
Only sad sighs I can send


I always have a dream
Flowing into my veins like a stream

Throughout my life I wander about
Having deep faith to reach it, no doubt

I always keep it in my heart and mind
I am sure one day I will get it and find

I dream of a new world with no pain
A peaceful world, not insane

I dream of a world full of peace and love
Where birds never stop singing and fluttering above

I dream of a world where lovers never separate
Forever together united by fate

I dream of a world full of trees and flowers
Where love, peace and brotherhood its only powers

I dream all people in one language they all speak
Where love ties and peaceful relations never break

I dream the world becomes fair and just
Where wars and conflicts become a very far past

I dream all people have the same feelings
All people become true human beings

I hope my dream comes true one day
And  “peace” becomes the only word people can say

A Conversation with Corona Virus 2020

Why have you come from nothingness?
I have come to cause death and sadness?

Why would you like to destroy and kill?
People trade in one another and sell

Why do you appear now?
To make savage people bow

Are you happy with causing pain?
You created me, I can’t explain

Do you know people hate your nature?
People invented every pain and torture

When will you leave us alone?
When I finish my job soon

Do you come to change destiny?
I come to eliminate every tyranny

Why do you kill the innocent?
Every war has victims’ percent

What do you really need?
I want to implant peace seed

What do you think you can really do?
I already stopped all the wars flow

What else can you do to impose quietness?
I made all people equal, I imposed fairness

Aren’t you afraid of America, China or England?
I already beat all their troops on every land

What about Germany, Russia and Italy?
They are nothing, I am the absolute reality

What is your final message?
Make peace your only passage

What is your final need?
To end your ego and greed

When will you show some mercy?
When good prevails, and evil must flee

I Will Stop Loving You

I will stop loving you
When the sun doesn’t shine
And dreams are no longer mine
When hopes run out
And volcanoes no longer shout
When all the oceans become dry
And you count all the stars in the sky
When all the trees’ leaves wither
And the earth has only one weather
When deserts blossom and flower
And waters of rivers become sour
When the colors of nature fade
And all trees lose their shade
When we have eternal day or night
And all people lose their sight
When the trees stop dancing in the wind
And the mountains collapse and bend
When rocks and stones cry
And cats and rabbits fly
When winds no longer blow
And waters in rivers and seas no longer flow
When ice and snow in the poles melt
And all living things become mud or silt
When I no longer breathe
And life has no air or breeze
I will stop loving you
When I am chosen by death
And your love gives me a new birth

If you were here

If you were here, life would smile
The desert would taste the Nile

Birds would never stop singing
The sun would never stop burning

Trees would blossom in the fall
Leaves would grow but never fall

My heartbeats would call your name
Each beat would never be the same

I would look at you and never blink
Into your deep heart I would sink

I would feel the warmth of your breath
Butterflies would never know death

Stars would happily dance in the sky
Mountain dew would never dry

The sun would never set
Trees would never be wet

Snow would never melt
Sorrow would never be felt

Joy would always dominate
The moon would never be late

The desert would be green
Sand would never be seen

Flowers would no longer wither
Day and night would be seen together

Storms would stop blowing
Rivers would never stop flowing

If you were here, in my arms so near
Life would stop orbiting only to hear

The heart that beats only for your sake
Promise me you will never break

My heart oasis

You are the oasis in my desert life
A ray of light in my eternal strife

The sun that always gives me hope and light
The dawn that finally shone after a long night

You grow dewy roses in my heart garden
You always lighten my heart heavy burden

You always give me a cause to live for
I promise I will love you more and more

You are the shade and shadow in my heart garden
You always give life to my feelings after they harden

Your smile cools and relieves my pain
You are my garden water and rain

You are the tree that protects me from life heat
You are the happy fate I always long to meet

Your touch gives me the breath I take
I enjoy the life you always make

You are the dream of my life as a whole
You are the leaves in my life that never fall

The flowers in my heart blossom on being together
Lilies grow on my heart wall and never wither

Water them with your true love that lasts forever
Dive deep in my heart, there is true love to discover

On Our First Date

On our first date
I race the time, can’t wait

I have a new feeling, a bit strange
offering you eternal love that will never change

You are the love I have always been looking for
You are the true love I have never felt before

In front of your eyes, I am speechless
Listen to my heartbeats as words can’t express

When reality has become better than fiction
And you are far more beautiful than every prediction

A princess straight from heaven you really are
I am holding a dream I have always thought very far

I am enthralled by your eyes and their magic
A time when I lose all my reason and logic

I drown into the deep sea of your eyes
Believe your heart, it never lies

You have become all the people I’d like to know
You are the secret of my happiness, you are the clue

Let’s start our love journey at forever
A journey of love that ends at never

You grow a rosy flower in my heart that never withers
You gave my hearts wings and feathers

I no longer live on earth
You gave me a love knows no death

I give you a promise that will never break
I am yours forever, I will always be there for your sake

My eyes no longer see but you
Only you paint my life and draw

Every new year and I am yours and you are mine
Every new year and we are lovers’ model and sign

Every new year and I love you again and again
Every new year and we are in love and will always remain

Every new year and you are all my flowers and trees
Every new year and you are all the air I breathe

Every new year and we are together
Every new year and we belong to each other


Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes “Go Ye Moon”, ” Dream” and “My heart still beats” And has several translated poems which won prestigious prizes in the USA like “Cause”, “Egypt’s Grief”, and “Strangers’ Cross”, his books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, and Man Domination and Woman Emancipation.

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