The Brothel – Poem by Seth Brown

A Dash of Whimsy Series –

This Thursday is a good day for chuckles! Come have a great one with this fun-filled and pun-filled poem by Seth Brown!

“The Brothel”

I used to think

A brothel

Was a place you got soup


A waiting room full of thirsty men

Not getting what they need at home

Never managed to consomme their relationship

And so they visit

The brothel

To fill the one need all men share


Many have sought out these soup-selling women

Ladles of the Night

Even a prisoner cannot be denied his soup

Which is why they allow the

Congee gal visit

But here at the brothel

Men get their soup in a private room

All types from clam chowder to tomato bisque to pho

Every man wants to be pho king

And you occasionally hear them

Overcome by these pleasurable sensations

Yelling out


Another satisfied customer

Here at the brothel


Seth Brown lives in the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts, where he sometimes performs comedy and/or poetry but more often stays home and just writes it. His award-winning humor column “The Pun Also Rises” appears in the Berkshire Eagle and other newspapers. He is the author of six books, and once ran a classical kazoo quintet.

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twitter – @risingpun

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