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Are you in the mood for something just a little different? Something to stretch your mind in a way that you may not have stretched it before? Well, come take a look at the work of Joas Nebe, a vibrant artist from Germany! Watch his video below and read about the thoughts behind it.


4k, color, 2020, 4m11s 
Reality is gone. Only shivers of reality survive. Worst then modern times, e.g. collages of DADA artists. Shivers are so many times broken that they cannot be put together again in order to re-construct reality or an adequate image of reality.

That means, reality is lost, out of reach forever. Mental landscapes and theoretical assumption, ideologies take over uncontrolled forever.


Gaming into Mindfulness
Interview with Joas Nebe by Rebecca Schoensee (excerpt)
“It’s a never-ending game of disintegration. I challenge the viewer
by not living up to his or her expectations. I am denying the
satisfaction of solving the riddle, hidden within the depth of my
artwork.” By turning his filmic cabinet of curiosity into an
intriguing jigsaw puzzle of hybrid geometric patterns, Joas Nebe
teases the viewer into accessing his game. He believes: “Riddle
games of this kind spark creativity and pass on the role of the
artist to the viewer.”

Taking the Reason Prisoner
To Nebe, “fantasy and creative intelligence are important survival
skills today.” So is chess, an analogy he keeps referring to: “Chess
exemplifies my game with the viewer. In a world of shortening
attention spans, it’s an ideal concentration-practice. One always
has to think a few steps in advance.” By screening the insanity of
our daily chase towards evolutionary bankruptcy, Nebe in a clever
move takes the reason prisoner, only to appoint reason to be the
king of his game of chess. He calls for a close review of the
encyclopedia of our philosophical and cultural foundations. In his
opinion reason has the potential to direct a path away from the
horror vacui he is depicting: “The model of enlightenment has
increasingly been discredited, wrongfully I believe. Today survival
and coexistence are only possible if governed by the faculty of
reason. Labeling and connoting intellectual categories help to bring
new relations into sight and to gain unexpected terms of knowledge.”

The interview essay “Gaming Into Mindfulness” has been published in
Humanize Magazine, issue 11, p. 20-31.


Joas Nebe, who holds degrees in psychology and literature, is a self taught artist, born in Hamburg but now located in South Germany. After a few years in Berlin he decided three years ago to move south close to the French and Swiss border. Important exhibits include the artist´s “Climate Change Cartoons“ on display on exhibition “Letters from the Sky” which accompanied the Durban UN conference on Climate Change 2011 in South Africa and “Machine Fair”- a film about the mechanical site of a metropolis- shown at Museum of Modern Art, Moscow as part of “Now&After” screening in 2012. Other film works has been shown at 25th Festival Les Instants Video (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Cairo), Videoformes Festival 2014 and 2015, Sustain Our Africa, Madatac 3, 4, 5, 6 Competitive Official International Selection (Madrid), Papy Gyros Nights 2016 Hong Kong/ ART_TECTURE, just to name a few.

Solo shows are “Intrude Art and Life” at the Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai in 2008, where Santiago Capriccio, a short epilogue to the Philosophical Cartoon cycle was chosen to be one out of 100 non-Chinese artists to be displayed on public video screens in Shanghai for one day, 2016 “Encyclopedic”, a one night solo show at The Greenhouse, Berlin, 2016, “You Did A Bad Thing For A Good Reason”, solo show at Berlin´s Cormac Weiss Gallery, curated by Marinus Jo Dimitrov, IFEA (International Curatorial Award 2016) supported by Christopher Grape Fund; 2017 “On Nature” at 16:9 Gallery, UTCL, USA curated by Manzi Yang.

2017 Joas Nebe received a M 5 ARTS stipend for his video work “The Dictionary serial” (USA). 2017 he has been awarded with the Residency by Correspondence from The Arts Territory Exchange Program, 2018 with the Social Media Residency by Peripheral Forms and the Online Residency by Coldbench (all UK).
Joas Nebe ́s curatorial works have been shown in different European countries. He developed three projects to which international video artists contributed. “The Encyclopedic Cartoons Video Project” had it ́s premiere in Berlin and has been shown since in many European countries. His second curatorial work “the Proverb Picture Project” again with participating artist from different continents and countries had it´ s premiere on VisualContainer TV in 2014. 2017 Joas Nebe developed a project about democracy, scrabble and wordlists, called “The Democracy Scrabble Project”, had it´s premiere again on VisualContainer TV and (.BOX) Video Project Room, Milan in 2018.

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