Uplifting Illustrations by TAK Erzinger

A Dash of Whimsy Series –

TAK Erzinger is keeping up her spirits and the spirits of others by creating these gorgeous illustrations. She is not letting sickness or lockdown keep her from art or creativity. Soak in the joy from her work, and spread it to others to make these times a little brighter!


TAK Erzinger

Is an Illustrator based outside of Zurich

I am an artist and poet.

I got my start as an artist in Baltimore, Maryland where I began exhibiting my paintings in boxes.  Early in my career I was fortunate enough to have my artwork at The American Visionary Art Museum as part of their Love, Error and Eros exhibition where my work sold thereafter through their museum shop. At that time, I was also commissioned by Latina Magazine to create a two-page spread with my cigar box art. Recently my work has evolved and I am now focusing more on illustration. My Latin background has a strong influence on my colour choices. I enjoy experimenting with illustrations and text.

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