Danny Jack – Poetry by Daniel Miltz

A Dash of Whimsy Series –

Daniel Miltz brings us a playful poem to take a stroll through.

Danny Jack

Danny Jack –back in the day
Was a ‘rebel with a cause’ display
He had an entourage of superstars
He would ride around town in muscle cars
Go from one party to the next
Drinking and picking up chicks for sex
He had a great job
Making tons of money, tiptop
But he was living the wild life, nonstop
He was full of energy and rage
A self-glorifying big shot on stage
Thinking he belonged in every place
For a few years, he went through a phase
With a big messianic ego embrace
One day, he finally made a forecast
Go ‘west, young man, go west’
The result –a new conquest


Daniel Miltz

Born in Michigan, resides in Hampstead, New Hampshire (U.S.A). He is a Freelancer Writer & Poet. Devoted 40 years to an Engineering career in Government Aerospace programs as a Mechanical Engineering Designer. He has won over 300 accolade awards from numerous Poetry Forums and has been in 29 published anthologies with two published books to date.

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