A Dash of Whimsy

When life gives you chaos

Don’t let it sit too long

Or else it gets sour.

Whisk in some self care.

Add a couple dollops of love for others.

Mix until it forms a soft dough.

With strength and precision, roll out the dough into an even layer.

Now sprinkle with hope.

Spice it up with some courage.

Then, roll the dough lengthwise to form a happy log.

Slice the log into even rolls.

Arrange the rolls in your pan to your liking.

And now for the secret ingredient,

That is often overlooked.

You could bake without it,

But it wouldn’t have the pizzazz that most palates are looking for.

So, before you finish your creation,

Don’t forget to add (Not too much!)

Just a dash

Of whimsy.

⁃ Mia Savant

Welcome to April Ponderbots!

The world is pretty crazy right now, and we’ve got to keep our focus in how to get through these times.

Last month we had the inspired artwork from the Online Open Mic and I want to thank each and every artist that participated. So much love and skill went into each piece, and you gave us a treasure by sharing it with us.

This month I want to be especially mindful about keeping our spirits up! While we are getting through this hurdle together as the human race, we’ve got to keep each other smiling in whatever ways we can. Join me in laughter and giggles as we view the upcoming artwork in this new series, A Dash of Whimsy!

Online, the applause is your likes, comments and shares. So, when an artists work makes you smile, be sure to “clap” in support of them!

Mia Savant

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