Elaine T. Nguyen – Online Open Mic

Let’s Fall In Love

let’s fall in love after all we need is someone to forget about
do you ever miss me? picking xmas trees
talking shit kissin my lips
what do you want to cook for dinner tonight?
textin me who’s room yours or mine?

shall we go back in time
2019 I’ve got shelves now and a little less trust to g
flash fwd 5 years from now meet me
don’t know how before midnight starts or ends
but it seems like I’ll regret this long after I have

meet me at The Convent
I’ll be coming from the desert it’ll be spring
weather we’ll start here or over
let’s just skip hearts breaking under still water
bet we’ll still look good standing next to each other
you’ll wear less black and I’ll wear less blue
meet me on the roof
where I fell in love with you

Don’t Miss It
Let Me Tell U
Hyena Lover


Elaine T. Nguyen is a multi-disciplinary artist living in the SF Bay Area. She is a curator, activist and community builder, currently working on creating a POC figure drawing session while also working with Asian Creatives Network to further the arts within Asian communities. Her work displays an intimate perspective on relationships, mental illness, and identity.


CONFESS is a body of work that touches on an intimate re-evaluation of loving through bipolar depression, addressing both the mania and the aftermath. Fragmented and written while manic, these poems were scribbled in chaos as my hand tried to make sense of my mind.

A collection based around vulnerability and forced exposure, these text-based works are raw thoughts turned visual, the medium I understand the most. By allowing these poems to choose their medium, the pieces appear as performances, paintings, videos, and sculptures. They exist as abstracted works waiting for the patient or intentional viewer to consume. 

These works speak to the tragic pleasure I have found in falling apart and the confusion that comes with trying to piece reality back together. A journey full of love, regret, shame, and guilt, I am lost in my own mind, I am consumed by emotional falsities and I am filled with a lack of desire to confront reality. In the end, I must confess, I don’t know if it ever meant so much or if it just meant so much to me.

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