Call For Submissions – A Dash of Whimsy

A Dash of Whimsy – April 2020 Series

Call For Submissions!

All forms of comedic art are invited to submit!

The Coronavirus has hit the world hard, and I wanted to give you an opportunity to keep creating and sharing your art with the world. Many people I know have had to cancel their art events or postpone their usual art hubs. Ponder Savant is here for you as another platform for you to keep displaying your work while we are waiting for this pandemic to pass.

Because social distancing can be very depressing, especially when it is not of our own choosing, this series in April is going to be focused on keeping up people’s spirits. What better way to do this than by laughter?

 Any comedic or humorous art is invited to send in their submissions for this series starting next month. Maybe a funny poem, or a song with goofy lyrics. Maybe you are working on your stand-up comedy and you have a video to share. Even a good ‘ol dad joke is welcome! Whatever you’ve got, bring out your silly and send in the artwork that makes you smile.

As we sit in our homes during these social distancing, cooking up what to do with ourselves, let’s make it something delicious. The world has given us a splash of chaos, let’s add a dash of whimsy.

Where To Submit:

Email your submission to Mia Savant at with the subject line: A Dash of Whimsy.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Send your comedic art of any kind (poems, music, drawings, paintings, videos, or any medium of creativity!). If it makes you laugh, send it in!

(Disclaimer: Submissions that include hate, discrimination, or inappropriate content will not be accepted).

2. Include a picture of yourself or any photo that you feel represents yourself as an artist.

3. Include any bios, links to your work, or social media sites that you would like to be shared. (If you have any rescheduled art events that were postponed due to the Coronavirus, feel free to include the new date and times of the event and I can include it with your work).

4. Follow the blog site If you have Facebook or Instagram follow there as well @pondersavant.

5. Spread the word! Let other artists know about A Dash of Whimsy by your social media sites or word of mouth!

Deadline for submission is March 31st, 2020

6 thoughts on “Call For Submissions – A Dash of Whimsy

  1. Staying Home

    You taught me new things For you came with strings

    You set conditions and actions: Keep away from social interactions

    If you seek victory over me: self-isolate Avoid handshakes, hugs, kisses as you greet!

    You taught me to observe personal hygiene In a better light, to invite all souls to intervene

    These are unmatched times of social distancing Mass closures of entities, a shift in everyday living

    Did I know that you are a new reality, a pandemic? Daily life you hamper, your wings unselective, epidemic

    An enemy of humanity, you are beatable, indiscriminate Our health heroes, here they strategise, swing to eliminate!

    The Games They Play

    She didn’t fathom how that act could be justifiable in this age

    She thought in the name of decency it was indefensible and reprehensible

    Sisa had always associated leadership with smartness and decorum, not insanity

    It was he-The Politician—who FREELY sneezed on the Opposition Men when he had a terrible cold!

    Couldn’t he have had the courtesy to look away or to cup his mouth with his hand or it was too sudden?

    Sisa asked him why he was playing an indecent game, he divulged when pressed he`d just piss on their heads too!

    She then recollected the big talk about the Big Guys sneezing and the Small Guys catching the bug and falling horribly sick!

    Sisa pictured a tug of war inspired by narcissism, coupled with greed and the love for flexing muscles instead of for humanity

    She began to wonder about the big economies and their impact— if China, or any big nation sneezes, doesn’t Africa catch a cold?

    The giant versus the midget, original put beside the imitation, how could a microcosm be expected to levelled out the ground?

    There was susceptibility on one end and immunity on the other– a chronic case of the West sneezing, Africa catching pneumonia!

    For Sisa the manifestations came in many shapes and colors and sizes—

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