Sonia Ben Achoura – Online Open Mic

The Future of Life

Acrylic on Canvas with painted sides
W 86.5 x H101.5 x D3.7

About This Painting:

Technology and biology collide in this painting. A robotic conceptualisation of mankind, at the intersection between life and technology, this painting reconciles two worlds.

At a time of climate emergency, it is a tribute to mysterious world of plants. Silent, vivid manifestations of life, they are embodiments of creativity, symbols of love.

Deceptively fragile in appearance, the rarest orchids can only be found at high altitude, in the most remote, inaccessible islands. Could they be hiding from the hand of man?

This painting is an image of dignified beauty; a sign of hope towards the atonement of human life towards the natural world.

It also is a celebration of what is wild and free.

This painting may portray a man-made tunnel leading to oblivion, as much as a way towards a more harmonious way of life.

Sliding plates give a sense of perspective and rapid motion, as if traveling at high speed through time.

As the race to safeguard life accelerates, new efforts are required to protect these delicate creatures.

Among concrete and metal, rare flowers and wild orchids cling on to life.


French artist and psychologist, Sonia Ben Achoura translates her academic explorations of mind and science into a powerful visual language. Using art as a catalyst, she conveys psychological concepts and phenomena through her paintings. Theories and cutting-edge research findings are conceptualised in her creations. Stylistically, her artwork manifests in iconic geometric patterns with a futuristic edge. With a previous career in dance, she also transfers insights from movement into fine art. She is based in London, UK, and regularly shows her work at art galleries across Europe. She is currently writing a book on art and psychology.

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