Jackie Chou – Online Open Mic


You’re like pastry


In fluorescent light

I want to caress

Your creamy chocolate eyes

Grab you

Taste the sweet jelly filling

Inside folds of your skin

My hungry hand

Pressed helplessly

On this window

Between you and me

Will you be my valentine?

With My Love in the Lounge

I want to be with you

Not for minutes or hours

But till these vinyl couches

Become threadbare

Days, weeks, and months

Stretch out before us

Till the stars stop dancing

The moon begins to frown

I want to…

Keep the milk from souring

The air from turning stale

Anything to make you stay

Tears and Dirt

Nothing I do

Is ever enough for you

You’re a cup

Cracked on the bottom

That cannot be filled

A dark hole

Where no diamond will shine

No words can touch

Your eyes too fogged to see

Your heart too polluted

All you know

Are your river of tears

Acres of dirt

In which I drown

In which I struggle

To break free


Jackie Chou is a poet residing in sunny Southern California who writes free verses and Japanese short form poetry.  Her work has been published in Dreamwell One Hundred Memories anthology, JOMP 21 Dear Mr. President anthology, Spectrum, Lummox, Creative Talents Unleashed anthologies, and others. She was nominated for a Best of the Net in 2017 by Hidden Constellation.  

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