San Lin Tun-Poetry – Online Open Mic

Mum’s Girl

A little girl is gazing distantly,
Beside her lay garlands of Jasmine,
Which she sells for her living.

The scene becomes blurred.

Neither moving nor standing,
She is just sitting on a concrete bench
Which is facing the steady flowing Yangon River.

In her heart, she wants to see
her mother and native place again,
So carefree and frolic with childhood friends.

An image comes to appear in her mind,
She, holding with her mother hand,
Proudly she was walking down the market street.

People were shouting, cheering at her,
She felt happy, satisfied and overjoyed,
Being proud to be her mother’s daughter.

She could tell to everyone
That the beautiful and gracious woman was her mother,
Who had got long ebony coconut oily black hair,

Wearing botches of Thanakkhar on both of her pouty cheeks,
Beautiful eyes like Myanmar movie star Khin Than Nu,
Walking as modest as a typical Myanmar woman should be.

Her mother embraced her tenderly,
Bought an adorable Myanmar doll on her 11th birthday,
Making a wishful wish for her.

“Be as beautiful as a princess,
Be as bright as a scholar,
Be as brave as the Lady.”

The girl smiled at her mother,
Who smiled down at her, in turn,
Inside both of their hearts,

A warm sensation was brewing,
As strong as mother and daughter’s love
Is binding together,

At this instant, future seems bright,
Bountiful, and promising,
With their love, and with their sincere hearts.

She looks back again at the River,
Which lays calm in the Yangon urban twilight,
Phew!!! She let her mind drifting with its flow.

Khin Than Nu – A renowned Burmese actress who was the apple of her audience in
1960 and 70’s, when she starred in many good Burmese movies. Her fame is still
going up to now.

Thanakkahar – A natural Burmese cosmetic which is used for protecting sun and
beautifying one’s self. It has got soothing and cool sensation when one applies its
paste on cheeks.
Yangon – former capital of Myanmar/Burma

What the most important thing will be,
In life for a man; how he will find out and prove;
There will be different opinions, and views,
But, the decisive action will be his due.

Find the way, don’t messy with others,
Who want to find glory, fame and eternity;
Being forgetful of the ephemeral nature of things,
The more they attach to them, the more they suffer.

Though they know, they stick to them more,
Hard, solid life they will lead and tread on;
When there is no one around them, solitude, and desperate,
To whom will they tend to when they feel sorrow.

To whom will they share their love when they feel merry,
Needed in life is companions, and friendship;
Living solo or alone is out of question, inconsistency in life,
Life is not meant for that, but for living.

Think about it, then take action,
To share is a must when you live your life;
It is a human value, and pride to share with others,
So, empathy will be recited as a mantra.

Won’t let it happen before your eyes,
Which should be wide open, together with your heart;
This is life whether you like it or not, but accept it as it comes,
You will learn and experience a lot to be a matured one.

They said save enough to spend later and secured,
Orient yourself to be a bountiful person;
A good scheme is what we need in life.
Then, life will be in delight with full bright.

San Lin Tun is a freelance writer of essays, poetry, short story and novel in Myanmar and English. His writings appeared in Asia Literary Review, Hidden Words/Hidden Worlds Ethnic Short Story Anthology, Kitaab, Mekong Review, Mad in Asia Pacific, NAW, PIX, South East of Now, etc. He is the author of a novel “An English Writer”. He lives in Yangon, Myanmar.

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