Kirsty Niven – Online Open Mic

Begging with a silenced voice –
asking please don’t. No. Stop.
With deafened ears you go on,
pushing me deeper into the dark.
Everything echoes here.
Please ricochets in this hollow place.
Fists pummel, a boxing tornado.
My own clench, flooding red.
I wish for the oblivion of day
when it’ll be like this never happened.
Yet it too will be haunted by echoes,
by flashes of remembered lightning.
Bruises rain down on my skin;
its way of screaming for help.
Begging with a silenced voice.

The Playing Field
I loved to see the little flowers,
their dagger petals sharpening,
their sun faces glaring up at me.
The white fading under your shadow,
stems cowering in our midst.
The tangle of bones we form,
a resurfaced grave from long ago;
a notable archaeological find.
A pallbearer’s picnic, laid out
on your favourite stained hoodie.
It was here where I rolled the dice,
deciding our distorted fate,
cementing this unnatural affair.
Your fingers fidgeted with your lighter,
always ready to burn it down.


Kirsty Niven lives in Dundee, Scotland. Her writing has appeared in anthologies such as Boundless, Of Burgers and Barrooms andHeat the Grease: We’re Frying Up Some Poetry. She has also had her poetry featured in journals and magazines such as The Poet, The Queer Dot and Re-Analogue. Kirsty’s poetry can also be found online on the Stanza Poetry Map of Scotland, Voices and Prachya Review.

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