Shannon O’Loughlin – Love Starts With You

So Many Stars

I’m on my knees
Lost in the empty space
Surrounding me
I’m giving up on who I thought I’d be
I can’t restart my broken heart

Then I look up

Oh oh oh
So many stars
Oh oh oh
It’s not so dark
Oh oh oh
I won’t fall apart

So many stars

Down in the dirt
The tears are falling
And although it hurts
There’s hidden beauty where
The darkness lurks
I’ll find the light, it’s time to fight

Just look up

Oh oh oh
So many stars
Oh oh oh
It’s not so dark
Oh oh oh
I won’t fall apart

So many stars

We’ve lived and we’ve loved
We’ve hurt and we’ve lost
We’ve all made mistakes
And we’ve paid the cost

We’ve been so caught up
In who we are not
We’ve all hit rock bottom
And climbed to the top

We’re breaking the mold
We’re starting to see
We’re not defined
By our insecurities

We’re starting to become
Who we want to be
We’ve forgiven ourselves
And now we are free


Shannon O’Loughlin is 29 years old and has been choreographing, teaching dance and coaching gymnastics for over 12 years. She started out as a competitive gymnast before training in hip hop, breakdance, contemporary, tap, jazz and ballet. Shannon also danced and performed through college at UAA. Her choreography has been featured in halftime shows, dance competitions, auditions, talent shows, gymnastics meets, cheer competitions and dance recitals. She has also choreographed numerous productions for Valley Performing Arts and helped judged local talent shows. Shannon always tells her students, “I learn more from you than you do from me. You are helping me learn how to teach you in a more effective way during every class”. Shannon enjoys writing, watching documentaries, playing guitar, dancing everywhere and doing her make up!

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