Karly Robinson – Love Starts With You

Sky Full Of Sun

There’s a line and you crossed it

Barbed and I lost it

My heart and you tossed it

Over the fence

Of your look at yourself ways

And make sure you feel praised

Forget all the yesterdays

Slapped in my face

I can tell you it’s not fair

How I laid myself bare

On your bed of nails shit

that won’t let me forget

All the nights that you left

And weren’t there to protect

What remained of our love

The remains of our love

There came a time and I warned you

My line snapped and you fell through

How many times must I bleed for you?

My god, nothing gets through to you

The ache in my soul isn’t worth the result

My arms are too full and my body is hurt

You took all I gave on a silver platter

But I’ve learned to behave in a different manner:

Line became wall became easy to fall

Became climb if you dare if you’re really prepared

And that wall starting small became gradually tall

Come on, drink it all in

Get this under your skin

I am finally free from the dreadful disease.

It no longer infests how I act and believe.

I can breathe from up here

Where all else disappears

In a sky full of sun

I have already won


Karly Robinson has enjoyed being onstage since the age of 9 and began taking her training more seriously by the age of 12. She performed and attended workshops and training camps throughout her teenage years. In 2009, she was accepted into the Palmer High School Jazz Choir and traveled with them to various competitions, as well as performing in the schools production of The Wildest in 2010.  After graduating in 2010, she spent three years in Germany as an Au Pair. During that time, she went to language school and by 2012 was accepted into a selective foreigners bachelor program at the University of Cologne. Shortly before the program began, she took a trip to Denmark and remembers having a specific moment on the beach that prompted her to return to Alaska, despite the excitement of starting school in Cologne. Upon returning, she landed the role of Suzy in VPAs production of The Wonderettes and continued to perform within the community. She is currently settled in the Mat Su Valley and working as a Competitive Gymnastics Coach. She is also part of Sunlight Collaborations; A mixed media group based in Anchorage. 

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